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The Bold and the Beautiful
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Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Worried about her hyperventilating, Taylor urges Katie to calm down. Katie again insists on leaving Bill and Will but Taylor suggests she's got to spend time with her son. Taylor looks for the number of a doctor who can help but realizes Katie has disappeared. Stunned by what Katie has written, Bill tries to understand how she could abandon her own son. Steffy reminds him she's suffering from post-partum depression while a nearby Liam wonders where she could be. Steffy assures Liam his father and his brother will be okay and even goes so far as to claim Brooke has been a great help. The two laugh as Steffy realizes all she has packed are bikinis. After realizing they don't know what they can do to help Bill, Steffy and Liam kiss. Taylor calls Bill who reports what he found in Aspen. She reports Katie was just there with her but ran off after explaining her plan to have Brooke and Bill raise Will. Bill complains to Brooke about being tricked by Katie and admits he doesn't know what to do. Brooke tries to explain why Katie is acting this way but Bill argues he can't have his son grow up without his mother. Katie returns home to pack and pays off someone for delivering the note in Aspen. She then leaves after staring at a photo of her with Bill on their wedding day. Katie rents a monthly apartment and begins to hallucinate as a storm begins.
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