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General Hospital
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Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Wearing the same kind of mask the visitor to the shed was wearing when he was held captive, Luke confronts Todd about helping Heather. He asks about looking at his shoe collection but Todd claims he needs a warrant. Leaving behind the mask, Luke warns Todd he'll get what he deserves. Carly arrives later with Josslyn and invites him to don the hockey mask and come trick-or-treating with the two of them. Todd turns her down. She returns later without her daughter and asks if he might feel better if they spent the night together. Emma and Patrick surprise Maxie with a birthday cupcake. While Emma goes upstairs, Maxie announces to Patrick she's moving out because she feels it's time to get her life going again after Spinelli. Maxie admits she thought she and Spinelli would be together forever and then asks him about Brit. She congratulates him on being able to date again. Hiding from Tracy, A.J. becomes angry when he hears her telling Monica Jason was a much better person than A.J. and points out Jason was a hit man. Anna tells Duke about the fibers she found and how she is waiting for the test results to return. He invites her to the Haunted Star for a big Halloween party. Luke arrives and after Duke heads out to his job, he invites Anna to the party. She refuses the offer because she doesn't want to hurt Duke's feelings. Outside Kelly's, Duke runs into Patrick and Emma and mistakenly calls her Robin. Feeling bad about how sad Luke seems, Tracy suggests he get a costume and go to the big party. After some passionate kissing, Star spots the photo of A.J. so Michael explains he was the person who caused the accident that resulted in Jason's brain damage. He also tells her about the kidnaping and how he told everyone Michael had died. Michael then invites Starr to the party. Both dressed in costumes, Dante assures Luke he is fine with adoption. As the party begins, someone arrives as the grim reaper.
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