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Days of Our Lives
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Wednesday, October 31, 2012
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Confirming his confession of love to Jennifer, Daniel claims his decision to leave town with Nicole has nothing to do with those feelings. He insists he's leaving because it's what he wants to do. Daniel assures her she will find the right man for her and says goodbye. Waiting to be released from the hospital, Nicole tells Brady she's leaving town with Daniel. Hearing she dropped the charges against Jennifer, he asks who convinced her to change her mind. She claims she's not sure Jennifer did push her. When he guesses Daniel had something to do with her decision, Cameron interrupts and announces she's officially released. Brady offers her a ride home. Daniel is surprised when Brady brings Nicole to his place. The two men chat about Nicole and her decision while she takes a shower. Daniel then returns to the hospital to finalize things and is asked to step in when two nurses fight over a certain piece of baby clothing. Marlena urges Sami to quit her job because Kristen is too dangerous a person to work for. Sami claims she can handle her but John urges her to listen to Marlena. Later, Sami fumes to learn a project she's been working on has been suspended. Suspicious about Kristen's offer to help him win back Sami, E.J. asks his sister what's in it for her. He guesses once she helps him, she'll want him to help her with John. Kristen insists she is done with John and mentions the idea of getting Sami out of the family business. Before he can give her an answer, E.J. gets a call about Nicole and rushes to confront her. Jennifer asks Maggie to stop Daniel from leaving town.
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