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Reality dramas swirl around a group of upper-crust Big Apple women in this spin-off from "The Real Housewives of Orange County."

Premiered: March 4, 2008

Rating: TV-14

User Rating:4.01 out of 5 (128 ratings)

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Tue Mar 31 6:00am
Wife in the Fast Lane(Season 2, Episode 9) BRAVO

A business theme features Ramona busy on her skin-care line and throwing a showcase party for the product. Meanwhile, LuAnn meets with a writer to finish her book; Bethenny promotes her food fare; and Kelly works on her jewelry business in Los Angeles. Mea (more…)

Tue Mar 31 7:00am
Unfashionably Late(Season 2, Episode 10) BRAVO

A sultry photo shoot involves Kelly, who goes before the cameras to pose for the photo invitation to her Halloween bash, which the other wives ultimately attend. Meanwhile, a shopping spree results when LuAnn's daughter arrives from boarding school. And Ji (more…)

Tue Mar 31 7:58am
Van Kempens House Party(Season 2, Episode 11) BRAVO

Alex celebrates the renovation of her home by throwing a house party. The other housewives are invited, but long-standing ill will threatens to spoil the fun. Other developments find an apprehensive Bethenny setting out on a blind date. And Ramona visits a (more…)

Tue Mar 31 8:59am
Charity Wives(Season 2, Episode 12) BRAVO

In the Season 2 finale, fiery feuds and catty conflicts erupt when the housewives try to work together to organize Jill's charity event. Meanwhile, LuAnn tutors Bethenny in the fine art of modeling, after which Bethenny struts her stuff on the catwalk at a (more…)

Tue Mar 31 10:00am
New Alliances(Season 3, Episode 1) BRAVO

Season 3 opens with summer winding down in the Hamptons and alliances flip-flopping dramatically. Here, a sunny day on a yacht turns stormy due to cruel remarks. Meanwhile, Bethenny returns to Manhattan to pose nude in a PETA photo shoot; LuAnn and Jill re (more…)

Tue Mar 31 11:00am
Dueling Labor Day Parties(Season 3, Episode 2) BRAVO

While in the Hamptons, LuAnn and her children receive a surprise visit from erstwhile housekeeper Rosie. The arrival of Labor Day results in laborious drama when both Ramona and LuAnn throw separate parties, forcing the other wives to choose bashes. Meanwh (more…)

Tue Mar 31 12:00pm
Fall in Manhattan(Season 3, Episode 3) BRAVO

All the well-tended women return to Manhattan, with LuAnn then basking in her favorite Big Apple fall events. Meanwhile, Kelly informs her daughters about her decision to pose in Playboy, resulting in an uncomfortable discourse. Later, Alex fumes when Jill (more…)

Wed Apr 1 6:00am
Fashion and Fighting(Season 3, Episode 4) BRAVO

LuAnn and Bethenny clash at a Fashion Week show. Later, Kelly, Jill and Ramona gossip about all things Bethenny. As for Bethenny, she hosts a style event, where she and Kelly actually agree on a cease-fire. Meanwhile, Jill's show results in an explosion of (more…)

Wed Apr 1 7:00am
Hot Off the Press(Season 3, Episode 5) BRAVO

Bethenny discovers she's the focus of a gossip article and comes to suspect that Jill was the source. Meanwhile, Kelly participates in an interview for her Playboy spread; Alex selects designers for a Brooklyn fashion event; Kelly receives an e-mail warnin (more…)

Wed Apr 1 7:58am
The Ambush(Season 3, Episode 6) BRAVO

Bethenny and Ramona have a venomous argument while walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. Things don't get any better for Bethenny, who then learns about a family illness. Meanwhile, Kelly snaps photos of random Manhattan denizens for an article; and Alex con (more…)

Wed Apr 1 8:59am
New Girl, Old Money(Season 3, Episode 7) BRAVO

Socialite and single mom Sonja Morgan helps LuAnn throw a charity party. Meanwhile, Ramona proposes that she and Mario renew their wedding vows; Alex, Kelly and Ramona walk the runway at Brooklyn Fashion Weekend; and a stunning discovery awaits Bethenny.

Wed Apr 1 10:00am
Let's See That Ring(Season 3, Episode 8) BRAVO

Kelly joins Sonja and LuAnn in the Hamptons for gossipy dishing about romance, marriage and under-the-covers relations. In other diva plot arcs, all the ladies attend Kelly's party, where Bethenny springs breaking news on them and dramas revolve around Jil (more…)

Wed Apr 1 11:00am
Stay on Message(Season 3, Episode 9) BRAVO

Jill hires new housewife Jennifer Gilbert to plan her holiday bash. Elsewhere, a stunned Bethenny discovers that her pregnancy was leaked on the blogosphere; drama sharpens between Alex and Jill; Sonja visits a nip-tuck doctor and a psychic.

Wed Apr 1 12:00pm
Leap Before You Look(Season 3, Episode 10) BRAVO

Drama surges at LuAnn's charity event when Jill and Alex feud. In addition, LuAnn, Kelly, Jill and Sonja bond over yoga; LuAnn reflects on her taxing year; Bethenny flies to Los Angeles to be with her ill father; and LuAnn reenters the dating scene.

Thu Apr 2 10:00am
Housewives Overboard(Season 3, Episode 11) BRAVO

The ladies bask in some fun in the sun when Ramona organizes a "renewal getaway." Still stung from her loss, Bethenny is comforted by the ladies---until Kelly kicks up some drama. Meanwhile, LuAnn tunes up in the Big Apple by recording a song in the studio (more…)

Thu Apr 2 11:00am
Sun, Sand and Psychosis(Season 3, Episode 12) BRAVO

A Virgin Island getaway turns nasty when an argument breaks out between Kelly and Bethenny, ruining a peaceful breakfast and precipitating a meltdown for Kelly. Later, Bethenny cooks up dinner, but it's hard to swallow when there are yet more blowups. Cut (more…)

Thu Apr 2 12:00pm
Shunburn(Season 3, Episode 13) BRAVO

The ladies' Virgin Islands getaway continues---but it's not a stunning development when Kelly departs the resort in the middle of the night. Before long, unexpected guests arrive at the island, and a warm welcome does not await them. Back in the Big Apple (more…)

Thu Apr 2 1:00pm
Rebuked, Reunited, Renewed(Season 3, Episode 14) BRAVO

Season 3 closes on the well-pampered Big Apple ladies with Jill and Bethenny at long last trying to end their feud. Meanwhile, LuAnn performs her single at a record-release party---but the wives are more interested in her new French boyfriend. Finally, the (more…)

Fri Apr 3 6:30am
Last Call, Morocco!(Season 4, Episode 10) BRAVO

The wives' Moroccan adventure continues, but there's a bump in the riad. The aftermath of a blowout between Jill and Ramona leaves Ramona still shaken, prompting yet another confrontation. Minus Ramona, the ladies also tour lavish palaces.

Fri Apr 3 7:30am
Debt Becomes Her(Season 4, Episode 11) BRAVO

The ladies wake to their final hours in Morocco. Packing is the order of the day, but Jill and Ramona find time to try to patch up their hot mess of a relationship. Before long, however, anger toward Ramona comes from someone else. Calmer heads prevail, an (more…)

Fri Apr 3 8:30am
Sixteen and Skip the Sweet(Season 4, Episode 12) BRAVO

It's a birthday blitz when Ramona plans a sweet-16 party for Avery, LuAnn meets with a party planner for her own daughter's 16th birthday, and LuAnn throws a surprise birthday bash for Jill.

Fri Apr 3 9:30am
Your Tweeting Heart(Season 4, Episode 13) BRAVO

Sonja enlists the help of a feng shui expert to bring more positive energy into her life. Meanwhile, Ramona plans a surprise party for Sonja; Simon confronts Jill at Cindy's product-launch soiree; and Kelly reaches out to Alex about Simon's odd behavior.

Fri Apr 3 10:30am
Burlesque Is More(Season 4, Episode 14) BRAVO

Sonja hosts a burlesque-themed party and puts on a show for her guests. Elsewhere, Jill visits her daughter at college; LuAnn and Jill hear LuAnn's new single at the recording studio; and Simon confronts Jill about her cyber-bullying accusations.

Fri Apr 3 11:30am
Video Killed the Countess(Season 4, Episode 15) BRAVO

LuAnn tries to hit a high note. She plans production on her music video and invites her fellow Big Apple wives to participate. Meanwhile, Sonja's attempt to form a friendship with Cindy results in catty drama; and Alex throws an art party.

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