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Talk about anger-management issues! Radiation turns a scientist into a raging green behemoth whenever he becomes agitated. Unable to control his transformations, David Banner searches for a cure as he crosses the country, `Fugitive'-style, with a dogged ta (more…)

Premiered: March 10, 1978

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Wed Feb 4 12:00pm
No Escape(Season 2, Episode 19) ESQTV

David inadvertently helps a deranged man escape police custody. Tom: James Wainwright. Kay: Mariclare Costello. Robert: Sherman Hemsley. Hulk: Lou Ferrigno. Simon: Thalmus Rasulala.

Wed Feb 4 1:00pm
Kindred Spirits(Season 2, Episode 20) ESQTV

David learns about a Hulk-like being that existed 30,000 years ago.

Wed Feb 4 2:00pm
The Confession(Season 2, Episode 21) ESQTV

McGee and an apprentice reporter encounter a lonely young man who claims to be the Hulk. David: Bill Bixby. Pamela: Markie Post. Harold: Barry Gordon. Hulk: Lou Ferrigno. Mark: Richard Herd. Ernie: John Armstrong Marshall.

Wed Feb 4 3:00pm
The Quiet Room(Season 2, Episode 22) ESQTV

Working at a mental hospital, David discovers that a doctor is using patients in illegal mind-control experiments. Dr. Hill: Joanna Mills. Dr. Murrow: Philip Abbott. Hulk: Lou Ferrigno. Kathy: Sian Barbara Allen. Sam: Robert F. Lyons.

Wed Feb 4 4:00pm
Vendetta Road(Season 2, Episode 23) ESQTV

A young man wants to avenge the death of his father by blowing up an oil company's service stations. David: Bill Bixby. Cassie: Christina Hart. McGee: Jack Colvin. Madrid: Morgan Woodward. Hulk: Lou Ferrigno. Greg: Chip Johnson.

Wed Feb 4 5:00pm
Metamorphosis(Season 3, Episode 1) ESQTV

Dr. David Banner receives a dose of LSD as a questionable cure for his affliction. Hulk: Lou Ferrigno. Lisa Swan: Mackenzie Phillips. Jackie Swan: Katherine Cannon. Greg: Gary Graham. Ken: James V. Reynolds. Diane: Jennifer Holmes.

Wed Feb 4 6:00pm
Blind Rage(Season 3, Episode 2) ESQTV

David attempts to help a friend who may die from exposure to an experimental nerve gas. Lt. Jerry Banks: Tom Stechschulte. Hulk: Lou Ferrigno. Carrie Banks: Lee Bryant. Major Anderson: Jack Rader.

Wed Feb 4 7:00pm
Brainchild(Season 3, Episode 3) ESQTV

David helps a woman search for the mother who turned her over to a scientific institution as a child. Joleen: Robin Dearden. Dr. Kate Lowell: June Allyson. David: Bill Bixby. Hulk: Lou Ferrigno. Elizabeth Collins: Lynn Carlin. La Bruja: Madeleine Taylor Ho (more…)

Wed Feb 11 12:00pm
The Slam(Season 3, Episode 4) ESQTV

A bum rap sends David to a brutal work camp run by a sadistic warden. Blake: Charles Napier. Hulk: Lou Ferrigno. Holt: Marc Alaimo. McGee: Jack Colvin. Doc: Julius Harris. Rader: Robert Davi.

Wed Feb 11 1:00pm
My Favorite Magician(Season 3, Episode 5) ESQTV

A magician disappears with a serum that could cure David (Bill Bixby). Jasper Dowd: Ray Walston. Kimberly: Anne Schedeen. Lily: Joan Leslie. Edgar McGee: Scatman Crothers. Giancarlo: Robert Alda. Rose: Fritzi Burr.

Wed Feb 11 2:00pm
Jake(Season 3, Episode 6) ESQTV

As a rodeo medic, David gets involved with a cowpoke whose brother turns to rustling to pay gambling debts. Jake: L.Q. Jones. David: Bill Bixby. Leon: James Crittenden. Hulk: Lou Ferrigno. Maggie: Sandra Kerns. McGee: Jack Colvin. Terry: Jesse Vint.

Wed Feb 11 3:00pm
Behind the Wheel(Season 3, Episode 7) ESQTV

David works for a cab company locked in a struggle with a greedy loan shark. Coleen: Esther Rolle. McGee: Jack Colvin. Sam Egan: Jon Cedar. Michael Swift: Michael Baseleon. Eric: John Chandler. Jean: Margret Impert. Calvin: Albert Popwell. Gas Station Owne (more…)

Wed Feb 11 4:00pm
Homecoming(Season 3, Episode 8) ESQTV

Home for Thanksgiving, David learns that a land developer is pressuring his father into selling the family farm. D.W.: John Marley. Hulk: Lou Ferrigno. Dean Eckart: Regis J. Cordic. McGee: Jack Colvin. Howston: Guy Boyd. Young David: Reed Diamond.

Wed Feb 11 5:00pm
The Snare(Season 3, Episode 9) ESQTV

A hunter who craves a greater challenge lures David to his isolated island. Michael Sutton: Bradford Dillman. David: Bill Bixby. Hulk: Lou Ferrigno.

Wed Feb 11 6:00pm
Babalao(Season 3, Episode 10) ESQTV

A young doctor wants David to help her expose a voodoo healer. Bill Bixby. Babalao/Moray: Bill Henderson. Hulk: Lou Ferrigno. Celine: Paulene Myers. Louie: Jarrod Johnson. Luc: Michael Swan. Denise: Christina Avila.

Wed Feb 11 7:00pm
Captive Night(Season 3, Episode 11) ESQTV

Ill-prepared burglars wind up taking a store's night shift---including David---hostage. David: Bill Bixby. Karen: Anne Lockhart. Hulk: Lou Ferrigno. Jim: Paul Picerni. Gary: Stanley Kamel. Raymond: Parley Baer. Edwards: Dennis Holoham.