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The zany, fast-paced adventures of a 10-year-old boy and his fairy godparents, who inadvertently create havoc as they grant wishes for their pint-sized charge.

Premiered: March 30, 2001

Rating: TV-Y

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Wed Jan 28 7:00am
Shiny Teeth; Odd, Odd West NIK

Timmy matches wits against an evil dentist who stole teen singing heartthrob Chip Skylark's shiny teeth; and travels back in time to save his dad's favorite Old West attraction from being bulldozed to make room for a shopping mall.

Wed Jan 28 7:30am
Nega Timmy; Love at First Height NIK

A wish goes horribly wrong when Timmy is transformed into a bad kid; Vicky falls madly in love with a teen version of Timmy.

Wed Jan 28 4:30pm
Fly Boy; Temporary Fairy NIK

When Timmy isn't allowed to watch a new horror film, he wishes to become a fly; Jorgen becomes Timmy's temporary fairy when Wanda and Cosmo are too busy.

Thu Jan 29 4:30pm
Escape From Unwish Island; The Gland Plan NIK

Gary, Timmy's imaginary friend turned bitter enemy, wants revenge for being wished away to a remote island on which all of Timmy's unwished wishes are stranded. Later, a medical condition puts Cosmo at risk of having to retire from the fairy godparent biz (more…)

Fri Jan 30 7:00am
Class Clown; Odd Couple NIK

Timmy tries to win over Trixie Tang with humor, so he asks Wanda and Cosmo to make him the funniest person on Earth. Later, he realizes the value of sweet talk, and wishes for a romantic guy to sidetrack his baby-sitter, Vicky.

Fri Jan 30 7:30am
Add-A-Dad; Squirrely Puffs NIK

Timmy wishes for some extra fathers because his dad is too busy to spend time with him; the Squirrely Scouts and the Cream Puffs compete in a race to the top of Mount Doom.

Fri Jan 30 4:30pm
Who's Your Daddy?; Homewrecker NIK

Timmy tries to find a replacement for his Dad for a scouting competition; Timmy torments baby sitter Vicky.

Sat Jan 31 7:00am
Mooooving Day; Big Wanda NIK

The Turners move into a luxurious---but rather off-putting---gated community after Timmy helps his mom become a big success at selling real estate; Wanda runs the fairy world's mob with a feminine touch.

Sat Jan 31 7:30am
Invasion of the Dads(Season 8, Episode 4) NIK

Timmy regrets wishing for a planet full of fathers when its inhabitants come to steal his mom.

Sat Jan 31 8:00am
Timmy's Secret Wish NIK

Timmy is put on trial for his long history of bad wishes, so Cosmo, Wanda and Poof try to defend him until a shocking revelation comes out about a secret wish Timmy once made.

Sat Jan 31 12:30pm
Scary GodCouple(Season 9, Episode 10) NIK

Foop teams up with Vicky to scare all of the kids in town.

Sat Jan 31 1:00pm
Old Man and the C-; Balance of Flour NIK

Timmy's dad enrolls in his class after confessing he dropped out of school; Timmy swipes a secret brownie recipe, which then gets downloaded into his brain.

Sat Jan 31 1:30pm
The Bored Identity; Country Clubbed NIK

Timmy tries to inject excitement into his dad's life by wishing it were an action movie; Timmy's family visit a country club, where Cosmo battles with a gopher and Timmy experiences life as a socialite.

Sun Feb 1 7:30am
Engine Blocked; Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad Meet the Crimson Chin NIK

Timmy gets his dad's undivided attention by wishing to become a sports car. Later, under the superhero aliases Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad, Timmy's parents keep the world safe from the Anti-Chin and his villainous cronies.

Mon Feb 2 7:00am
Odd Jobs; Movie Magic NIK

Timmy asks Wanda and Cosmo to grant his dad's wish for a cooler job. Later, Timmy's entry in the town film festival has a better shot at winning the top prize if he edits his best friends out of the picture. Voices include...Chester: Frankie Muniz. A.J.: G (more…)

Mon Feb 2 7:30am
Boy Toy; Inspection Detection NIK

Wanda and Cosmo are held captive by a little girl who has a crush on Timmy. Later, Timmy's parents accuse him of having “sticky fingers.”

Mon Feb 2 4:30pm
Fairly Odd Fairy Tales(Season 9, Episode 40) NIK

Poof can't sleep, so Wanda reads him fairy tales, but her stories have twists to them.

Tue Feb 3 7:00am
Hard Copy; Parent Hoods NIK

Timmy battles with Darth Vader after he inadvertently brings the “Star Wars” villain to Dimmsdale; and a family road trip leads to trouble for Timmy's mom and dad when they're mistaken by the police for a pair of souvenir bandits.

Tue Feb 3 7:30am
Cosmo Con; Wanda's Day Off NIK

Cosmo holds a fairy convention in Timmy's bathroom on the same night that Mr. Crocker is coming over for dinner; and a school project flies out of control while Wanda's away at a spa.

Tue Feb 3 4:30pm
Stage Fright; Gone Flushin' NIK

Vicky wants to be an actress, and she seeks Timmy's help in obtaining her debut role; Timmy and the fairies get flushed down the toilet by Dad.

Wed Feb 4 7:00am
Mighty Mom & Dyno Dad; Knighty Knight NIK

Timmy goes back in time to the Middle Ages, where he meets a dragon whose master wants to cast a wicked spell on Cosmo. Later, Timmy wishes for his parents to become superheroes.

Wed Feb 4 7:30am
Big Superhero Wish(Season 4, Episode 1) NIK

Timmy is frustrated when nobody comes to his rescue after three consecutive run-ins with bullies, so he wishes for a world that is just like a Crimson Chin comic book. Timmy's thrilled, at first, to find he now has special powers, as do all of his friends (more…)

Wed Feb 4 4:30pm
Force of Nature; Viral Vidiots NIK

Timmy helps clean up a park and angers the animals when he wishes they would keep things tidy on their own; Crocker kidnaps Timmy's mom because he thinks she's a troll who possesses magic.

Thu Feb 5 7:00am
Most Wanted Wish; This Is Your Wish NIK

A wish catapults Timmy into Fairy World's most in-demand charge; and Mama Cosmo puts her son's fate in the hands of the voting public when she secretly arranges for him to be the featured guest on a popular reality TV show.

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