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'Dr. Phil' spin-off featuring four doctors (an emergency-room physician, an ob-gyn, a plastic surgeon and a pediatrician) exploring medical issues raised in cases examined on the show.

Premiered: September 8, 2008

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Season 7 Episode Guide

Shock Therapy to Prevent Overeating?; Vacuum Away Cellulite?; Allergic to Your Water?; Dr. Travis' Guilt-Free Comfort Foods

Season 7, Episode 90

January 27, 2015

Reality Star's Plastic Surgery Mishap; Woman Has Sperm Extracted From Dying Fiancé; Most Shocking Ingrown Hair Ever

Season 7, Episode 89

January 26, 2015

Friday News Feed; Woman Gets Revenge on Bully; Mom Makes Bank Selling Breast Milk; Extreme Teeth Grinding; Dangerous DIY Tattoo

Season 7, Episode 88

January 23, 2015

Celebrity Transformations With the Magic of Makeup; Stem Cell Therapy: Hope or Hype?; Samantha Harris' Health Crisis

Season 7, Episode 87

January 22, 2015

Woman Burned From Inside Out; Cholesterol Drug Controversy; Which Is Worse: Heat Stroke or Hypothermia?

Season 7, Episode 86

January 21, 2015

Hot Topics With Leeza Gibbons; Metabolism Myths Busted; Solutions to Excessive Sweating

Season 7, Episode 85

January 20, 2015

200-Pound Weight Loss Couple; Banish Belly Fat Using a Brick?; School Safety Drill Gone Too Far?; Red Carpet Parties for Kids

Season 7, Episode 84

January 19, 2015

Friday News Feed; 10-Minute Health Fixes; 100-Year-Old Skydiving Granny?; Giving Birth After Fibroids; Mandatory BMI Tests

Season 7, Episode 83

January 16, 2015

Camille Grammer's Health Crisis; Lose Weight in Eight?; Simple Secret for Luscious Lashes; Cosmetics in Your Kitchen?

Season 7, Episode 82

January 15, 2015

Botched Plastic Surgery Makeover; Can You Predict Your Death?; Powerful Home Remedy in Your Trashcan?; Secrets in Food Labels

Season 7, Episode 81

January 14, 2015

Dad Catches Internet Predator; Death by Grape Soda?; 11-Year-Old's Breasts Won't Stop Growing; Help, My Throat Is Closing Up!

Season 7, Episode 80

January 13, 2015

Mother-Daughter Butt Lift; Beauty Secrets From a Professional Hand Model; Women Seeking Free Sperm Donors Online?

Season 7, Episode 79

January 12, 2015

Long-Lost Siblings Reunited?; Widow Receives Phone Bill for Deceased Husband?; Extreme Punishment for Missed Homework?

Season 7, Episode 78

January 9, 2015

Fatty Breakfast Foods That Won't Make You Fat?; Surprising Use for Bra Cams?; Town Devastated by Massive Mudslide

Season 7, Episode 77

January 8, 2015

15 Beauty Trends to Watch in 2015; Weight Loss Secrets From Dr. Phil's 20/20 Diet; Young Man Disfigured By Landmine

Season 7, Episode 76

January 7, 2015

Woman Turns Medical Condition into Modeling Career; Blur Creams Put to the Test; Digestive Disasters From Sugar-Free Foods?

Season 7, Episode 75

January 6, 2015

Mom's Diet Gets Her Arrested for Child Neglect?; Town Without Obesity?; Extreme Breast Reduction

Season 7, Episode 74

January 5, 2015

Breaking Health News; Mom Enters Unborn Baby Into Beauty Pageant?; Mass Shooting Victim's Recovery; Money-Saving Kitchen Secrets

Season 7, Episode 73

December 19, 2014

Breastfeeding Mom Booted From Dr.'s Office?; Mystery Hives Horror Story; Memory Loss Trick at Your Fingertips

Season 7, Episode 72

December 18, 2014

Parents Take Extreme Measures for Bullied Son?; Drive-Thru Funerals; 7-Minute Wrinkle Eraser Put to the Test

Season 7, Episode 71

December 17, 2014

Fake Kidnapping Scams; Are You Grossing Out Your Holiday Guests?; Cutting-Edge Fixes for Knee Pain and Heavy Periods

Season 7, Episode 70

December 16, 2014

Black Market Butt Injections Exposed; Hidden Danger of Talcum Powder?; Look Younger With a "Make-Under"?

Season 7, Episode 69

December 15, 2014

Breaking News; High Heel Mom Does Unthinkable; Breast Milk Bandit?; Shocking Cyst Removal

Season 7, Episode 68

December 12, 2014

Hollywood Exposed: Celebrity Love Lessons; Bionic Eyes Procedure?; Getting Abused Online?

Season 7, Episode 67

December 11, 2014

Woman Can't Recognize Family; Child Caged in Class Like an Animal?; Controversial Eye Color Procedure?

Season 7, Episode 66

December 10, 2014

New Fixes for Body Rashes, Body Fat, Body Fatigue & Body Rot!; Finding Love Through Weight Loss; Accidental Drug Poisoning

Season 7, Episode 65

December 9, 2014

Too Hot for TV: Burning, Painful & Inflamed Questions Answered!; Tricks for Female Hair Loss; Teacher Breastfeeds in Class

Season 7, Episode 64

December 8, 2014

Liposuction Nightmares; Surprising Sources of Severe Allergic Reactions; The Real Deal on Vitamin B-12 Shots

Season 7, Episode 63

December 5, 2014

Scandalous Health Headlines With Judy Smith: Secrets that Destroy Marriages?; Woman Discovers Husband Is Long-Lost Brother?

Season 7, Episode 62

December 4, 2014

Dr. Phil's 20/20 Diet; Magnetic Therapy to Treat Depression? Secret Holiday Health Perks

Season 7, Episode 61

December 3, 2014

Holiday Extravaganza; Holiday Health Myths Exposed; Holiday Party Survival Tips; How to Beat Post-Holiday Blues; Huge Giveaways

Season 7, Episode 60

December 2, 2014

Bride-to-Be Gets Ultimate Makeover; New Alternative to Pap Smears? Should You Own a Hazmat Suit?

Season 7, Episode 59

December 1, 2014

Plastic Surgery to Keep Your Man?; Shopping Under the Influence?; Deer Antlers Impale Girl's Face

Season 7, Episode 58

November 26, 2014

World's Heaviest Man Loses 600 Pounds; Warning Signs of Celebrity Addiction; Snake Massages

Season 7, Episode 57

November 25, 2014

Hollywood Icon Battles ALS; Cursing Kids PSA Controversy; Skin Resurfacing Treatment Put to the Test; Style Tips

Season 7, Episode 56

November 24, 2014

Friday News Feed; Doctors Health Scare Experiment; Celebrity Photographer Exposes Retouching Secrets; Solutions to Funky Feet

Season 7, Episode 55

November 21, 2014

Doctors' Exclusive: Family Devastated by SWAT Raid Gone Wrong; Leading Cause of Deadly Allergies in America; Fight PMS With Food

Season 7, Episode 54

November 20, 2014

Family Targeted By Dangerous Stalker; Real-Life 'Sleeping Beauty'; Speed 'Friending' for Moms? Trick for Halting Hiccups

Season 7, Episode 53

November 19, 2014

Compulsive Behaviors Triggered by Medication?; Reality Star Reveals Secret Health Struggle; Dangers of Prescription Drugs

Season 7, Episode 52

November 18, 2014

Breakthrough Fat-Bursting Procedure; 500 Pounds & Desperate for Help; Inside the Exam Room With Surprise Celebrity

Season 7, Episode 51

November 17, 2014

Friday News Feed; Brow-terventions; Sleep Disorders Uncovered; Say Goodbye to Your Acne; Do Dogs Display Jealousy?

Season 7, Episode 50

November 14, 2014

Doctors' Exclusive: Bride Forgets Own Wedding Day; Scorned Woman Gets Stuck in Ex's Chimey; Eartox: Rejuvenate Ears With Botox

Season 7, Episode 49

November 13, 2014

500-Pound Weight Loss; Hair Dye Emergencies; Cutting-Edge Treatment for Back Pain; Rats Spreading Deadly Diseases?

Season 7, Episode 48

November 12, 2014

Look 10 Years Younger Without Surgery?; Family Survives Plane Crash; Extreme Tummy Tuck Reveal; Anti-Suicide Contract

Season 7, Episode 47

November 11, 2014

Dangers of Counterfeit Makeup; Ultimate Dream Makeover Reveal; Controversial New Birth Control Guidelines

Season 7, Episode 46

November 10, 2014

Friday News Feed; Afraid to Ask: Embarrassing Health Questions Answered; Electric Brain Stimulation Put to the Test

Season 7, Episode 45

November 7, 2014

Exclusive: Woman Shot at Star-Studded Party; Are Your Prescription Pills Counterfeit?; Are You Prepared for a Natural Disaster?

Season 7, Episode 44

November 6, 2014

Woman Marries Herself; U.S. Epidemic Worse Than Ebola?; Breakthrough Treatment for Stress Disorders; Can Fruit Make You Fat?

Season 7, Episode 43

November 5, 2014

Hypnotize Yourself Skinny?; Outrageous Doll Obsession; Can Caffeine Cause Breast Cancer?; The Doctors "Infersanity" Series

Season 7, Episode 42

November 4, 2014

7-Minute Wrinkle Reducer Put to the Test; Mom Cheats Death Twice; 500-Pound Woman's Food Addiction

Season 7, Episode 41

November 3, 2014

Friday News Feed; My Real-Life Horror Movie; Beauty Treatment Nightmare; Killer Bee Attack; Dog Comes Back From the Dead?

Season 7, Episode 40

October 31, 2014

Million-Dollar Healthy Home Sweepstakes!; Mom Publicly Shames Daughter; Boost Your Bust Without Surgery; Dating Site Dishonesty

Season 7, Episode 39

October 30, 2014

Woman Spends $200K to Look Like Her Own Caricature; Cancer Cured With Measles Vaccine?; Life-Threatening Blood Disorder

Season 7, Episode 38

October 29, 2014

Shocking Viral Videos; Bizarre Weight-Loss Tricks That Work; Woman Loses Job Over Unhealthy Behavior?; Solutions to Stinky Feet

Season 7, Episode 37

October 28, 2014

Woman Loses 150 Pounds & 9 Sizes; Toxic Chemicals in Your Home?; New Technology Detects "Invisible" Cancer

Season 7, Episode 36

October 27, 2014

Weight Loss Secret in Your Pantry; "Poo Bandit" Befouling Bathrooms; Surprising Causes of Red Palms; 132-Pound Ovarian Tumor

Season 7, Episode 35

October 24, 2014

Invisible "Shapewear" to Age-Defy Your Eyes; Shocking Ingredients in Processed Food; Migraine or Something Worse?

Season 7, Episode 34

October 23, 2014

Ebola Vaccine in Sight?; Baby Born Inside Out?; Plastic Surgery Horror Story; 40-Year-Old Mom Becomes Pro Cheerleader

Season 7, Episode 33

October 22, 2014

Women Being Sterilized Without Consent? Can Jealousy Lead to Alzheimer's?; Dr. Travis' Mac 'n Cheese & Still Lose Weight!

Season 7, Episode 32

October 21, 2014

What Your Fridge Reveals About Your Relationships; Strange Addiction: Woman Can't Stop Eating Flour; Are Your Breasts Dangerous?

Season 7, Episode 31

October 20, 2014

Newsfeed Friday; Reality TV Couple's Health Struggle; Woman Shaves Face Every Day; Psychic Medium James Van Praagh

Season 7, Episode 30

October 17, 2014

Lose Weight With Bananas?; Woman Born With Bowels Outside of Body; Mystery Diagnosis: When Your Sore Throat Is Something Worse

Season 7, Episode 29

October 16, 2014

The Doctors

Season 7, Episode 28

October 15, 2014

Are You Born to Be Fat?; Alarming "Zombie Game" Turns Violent; Comic Rita Rudner's Overdue Doctor's Visit; Hidden Melanoma

Season 7, Episode 27

October 14, 2014

Illicit Drug Used to Treat Depression and PTSD?; "Melting Face" Makeover Revealed; "Magic Mascara" Put to the Test

Season 7, Episode 26

October 13, 2014

Breaking Health News; Deadly Designer Drug in Your Neighborhood?; Reality Star Gives Plastic Surgery Gift to Mom

Season 7, Episode 25

October 10, 2014

Working Mom Is High-Class Escort?; Treating Embarrassing Digestive Disorders; Woman's Teeth Keep Falling Out; Parenting Tips

Season 7, Episode 24

October 9, 2014

How to Fix Your "Boot Bulge"; Beer-Chug Challenge to Strike Out PMS? Bacon Saves Child's Life? How Juicing Can Cause Weight Gain

Season 7, Episode 23

October 8, 2014

Bizarre Beauty Trends Put to the Test; Getting Sick With Parasites From Your Pets?; What's Causing Your Skin Discoloration?

Season 7, Episode 22

October 7, 2014

Lose Weight With Jelly Beans?; Fungal Infections Linked to Your Makeup?; Alarming New Mosquito-Borne Virus; Medicinal Marijuana

Season 7, Episode 21

October 6, 2014

Is Your House Making You Sick?; Work Suspension for Being Smelly?; Woman Gets Pregnant Despite Husband's Vasectomy?

Season 7, Episode 20

October 3, 2014

15-Minute Eye Lift; Can a Split-Second Decision Save Your Life?; Surviving a Flesh-Eating Infection; "The Pantry Whisperer"

Season 7, Episode 19

October 2, 2014

Controversial Ad Shaming Overweight People?; Home Invasion Takes Life-Threatening Turn for Intruder; Testosterone Therapy

Season 7, Episode 18

October 1, 2014

Liposuction to Reverse Vision Loss?; Public Restroom Dangers; Bizarre Bowel Conditions; Smile Tricks You've Never Heard Before

Season 7, Episode 17

September 30, 2014

Woman Terrified to Leave Her House; Kate Hudson's Hair Secret Revealed; Shocking Mile-High Heart Attack

Season 7, Episode 16

September 29, 2014

Breaking Health News; Is It Plastic Surgery or Makeup? Boy With 35-Pound Hands; Family Vacations in War Zone?

Season 7, Episode 15

September 26, 2014

100-Bite Diet; Drunk Without Drinking?; 24-Hour Breast Lift; Hand-Lifts for Engagement Ring Selfies?

Season 7, Episode 14

September 25, 2014

Father-Daughter Weight Loss Intervention; Scorching Cell Phone Danger; Power Your Home With Urine?

Season 7, Episode 13

September 24, 2014

Caught on Tape: Mom Struck by Lightning; Everyday Habits That Harm Your Skin; Sound Sleep Tips You've Never Heard Of

Season 7, Episode 12

September 23, 2014

7 Unhealthy Sins You Never Knew You Were Making; Freeze Away Chronic Pain?; Simple Secret to Boost Your Metabolism

Season 7, Episode 11

September 22, 2014

Breaking Health News; Marijuana-Smoking Mom Breastfeeds Baby; Daycare Workers Getting High on the Job; Health Rumors

Season 7, Episode 10

September 19, 2014

Feeding Tube Diet; Baby's Head Grows Three Times Its Normal Size; The Real Deal on Rumored All-Natural Cures

Season 7, Episode 9

September 18, 2014

Girl Survives Being Run Over by a Lawnmower; Vicious Dog Attack; Bogus Doctors' Endorsements Exposed; Cellulite Treatment

Season 7, Episode 8

September 17, 2014

Are You Stressing Yourself Sick?; The "Divorce Diet"; Blister Triggers Life-Threatening Infection; Fix for Urinary Incontinence

Season 7, Episode 7

September 16, 2014

Controversial Obesity Campaign; Woman's Breasts Grow 9 Sizes in 2 Years; The Doctors Investigate A Mysterious Skin Condition

Season 7, Episode 6

September 15, 2014

Breaking Health News; Woman Who Sweats Red; Side Effects of Medicine Ruining Your Relationship? Paralyzed Vet Walks Again

Season 7, Episode 5

September 12, 2014

Teen Prank Puts Mom in Critical Condition; DIY Plastic Surgery Dangers; Salmonella Poisoning From Your Pet?

Season 7, Episode 4

September 11, 2014

Woman Spends $40K to Look Like Kim Kardashian; High-Dive Accident; Woman Goes on Pet Food Diet; Toddler Contracts Herpes

Season 7, Episode 3

September 10, 2014

I Survived a Real-Life Horror Movie; Breakthrough Treatment for Seizures; Twins Born 39 Days Apart; How Can Beer Cut Cancer Risk

Season 7, Episode 2

September 9, 2014

Home Audience Giveaways; How 'The Doctors' Saved My Life; Weight Loss Makeover; Something Contagious You Want to Get!

Season 7, Episode 1

September 8, 2014

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