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The comedian hosts a talk show that focuses on timely issues and relatable topics, such as marriage, dating, finance and parenting.

Premiered: September 4, 2012

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Steve Takes a Husband to Swagger School; Joy Bauer; Overprotective Sons; Viral Dance Craze

Season 2, Episode 179

June 23, 2014

Steve Celebrates the Premiere of "Think Like a Man Too"; Harvey's Hero; Single Ladies; 3-D Artwork

Season 2, Episode 178

June 20, 2014

How to Get Your Grown Kids to Grow Up; Workout Trend; Joy Bauer; Crazy Headlines

Season 2, Episode 177

June 19, 2014

Surviving Long-Distance Love; Tips for Women; Tatiana Ward

Season 2, Episode 176

June 18, 2014

A Mother Says Her Daughter's Taste in Men Is All Looks; 73-Year-Old Woman; Mom's S.O.S.; Texts

Season 2, Episode 175

June 17, 2014

Steve Arranges an Emotional Reunion; Obstacle Course; Single Lifeguards; Perfect Burger

Season 2, Episode 174

June 16, 2014

A Woman Wants Another Shot at Love; Weight-Loss Secret; Shopaholic; Car-Wash Reaction

Season 2, Episode 173

June 11, 2014

Steve's Viewers Find Him an Intern; Body Language; Chicago Principal; Eggs Crushed

Season 2, Episode 172

June 10, 2014

A Woman Ready to Purge Every Memory of Her Ex; Heather Thomson; Raw Diet; Divorcées

Season 2, Episode 171

June 9, 2014

Best-Selling Author and Motivational Leader Lisa Nichols; Fattiest Foreign Foods; Prom Dreams; Harvey's Heroes

Season 2, Episode 170

June 6, 2014

Steve Talks to "Fighter Jet Moms"; Harvey's Hero; Not-So-Innocent Text Messages

Season 2, Episode 169

June 5, 2014

Steve's "Dealbreakers" Series; Donnie McClurkin; Great American Food Fight; Instagram Sensation

Season 2, Episode 168

June 4, 2014

Does Your Man Need a Makeover? Reformed Cheater; Harvey's Hero; Graduate's Stunt

Season 2, Episode 167

June 3, 2014

Steve's "United Dates of America" Picks Up in Minnesota; Summer Gadgets; Addiction; Pool Master

Season 2, Episode 166

June 2, 2014

Steve Helps a Man Prove It's Never Too Late to Say "I Love You"; Besties; Fireman; Joanna Rohrback

Season 2, Episode 165

May 30, 2014

Steve Has a Surprise Setup for One of the "Property Brothers"; Never-Before-Seen Moments; Bucket List

Season 2, Episode 164

May 29, 2014

How to Unplug; Ben Lyons; "Mom-Ventors"; Steve's Sneak Peek; New Kitchen Tool

Season 2, Episode 163

May 22, 2014

It's a New Edition of Steve's "Ex Files"; Protecting and Repairing Your Skin; Marjorie Harvey; Kids

Season 2, Episode 162

May 21, 2014

Steve's Swagger 101; Female Pro Bull Rider; Patti LaBelle's Tips; 3-D Puzzle

Season 2, Episode 161

May 20, 2014

Meredith Vieira; Portable Picnic; She Loves Her Man, But He Acts Like a Frat Boy; Steve's Wife Marjorie

Season 2, Episode 160

May 19, 2014

Steve Hosts a Ladies' Lunch for 100 Single Women; Skipping School; "Freakshow"; Military Mom; Cocktail

Season 2, Episode 159

May 16, 2014

Steve Helps a Woman Who Loves Her Man, But He's Too Hairy; Belly Fat; Judge Lynn Toler; Extreme Game

Season 2, Episode 158

May 15, 2014

"Men Are Stupid: Extreme Edition"; Spring Soiree; Student Athlete Who Came to the Rescue; Obstacle Course

Season 2, Episode 157

May 14, 2014

Steve's "Extreme Week" Continues; Competition for Couples; Bishop T.D. Jakes; Combat Jugglers

Season 2, Episode 156

May 13, 2014

Steve Kicks Off "Extreme Week"; Harvey's Hero; Over-the-Top Partying; Marriage Proposal

Season 2, Episode 155

May 12, 2014

Steve Surprises Two "Super Moms"; LuAnn de Lesseps; Jeff Timmons; Embrace His Youth; Kid Reporter

Season 2, Episode 154

May 9, 2014

Steve Helps Moms Get Their Groove Back After Having Kids; La La Anthony; Makeover; Recipe for Love

Season 2, Episode 153

May 8, 2014

A Mother's Day Edition of "Moms on Strike"; Mother's Day Gift Guide; Cheat Death; New Sibling

Season 2, Episode 152

May 7, 2014

Steve Reveals Four Candidates for "Steve Harvey" Mother of the Year; Gadgets; Twins; Tweeting

Season 2, Episode 151

May 6, 2014

Steve Kicks Off a Weeklong Celebration of All Things Mom; Susan Lucci; Heather Thomson; Letters

Season 2, Episode 150

May 5, 2014

Steve Talks to the Cast of "Chrisley Knows Best"; Beth Stern; Thrift-Store Finds; Accessorize for Prom

Season 2, Episode 149

May 2, 2014

Steve Hosts the First "Celebrity Anniversary Game"; Barbecue; Addicted to TV; Twerking Dance Craze

Season 2, Episode 148

May 1, 2014

It's the Very First Steve Harvey Kids' Hour; Chef-in-the-Making; Pint-Sized Fashion Show; Toddler

Season 2, Episode 147

April 30, 2014

A Woman Loves Her Man, But Can't Stand His Lack of P.D.A.; Groundbreaker; Thank You; "Lunchbox Dad"

Season 2, Episode 146

April 29, 2014

Steve Helps a Woman Conquer Her Fear of Heights; Expert Style Tips; How to Spot Clues He's Cheating

Season 2, Episode 145

April 28, 2014

Steve and His Wife Marjorie Host a Couples Summit; Latest Fashion Trend; First Date

Season 2, Episode 144

April 25, 2014

It's an Entire Show on How to Look and Feel Younger!

Season 2, Episode 143

April 24, 2014

Steve's Detractors Get Center Stage; Pilates; Family Bucket List; Cyber Celebs

Season 2, Episode 142

April 23, 2014

A Man's Only Daughter Is Ready to Start Dating; Fight Hunger; School Shooting; Furry Pet

Season 2, Episode 141

April 22, 2014

Can Steve Find Dates for These Self-Proclaimed Nerds? Seasonal Allergies; Food Fight

Season 2, Episode 140

April 21, 2014

Steve's Newest All-Star Panel of Women; Digital Lingo; Eligible Female Sportscaster; Dunk Tank

Season 2, Episode 139

April 18, 2014

It's a New Edition of "Ex Files"; "Harvey's Hero"; Hottest Looks for Less; Dunk Tank

Season 2, Episode 138

April 17, 2014

A Single Mom Admits She Doesn't Have the Skills to Help Her Son; "Haunted House 2"; Social Media

Season 2, Episode 137

April 16, 2014

Imagine Never Having a Real Kiss; Pat and Gina Neely; Jenni Pulos; "Dunk an Ex Week"

Season 2, Episode 136

April 15, 2014

She Loves Her Man But He's So Forgetful; "Steve the Tester"; Tabatha Coffey; "Dunk an Ex Week"

Season 2, Episode 135

April 14, 2014

Is Your Man the King of Little White Lies? "Instagram 101"; Third Wheel; Bubbles

Season 2, Episode 134

April 11, 2014

Get Back Into Dating After Divorce; Strangest Dreams; "Card Sharks"; Story of Survival

Season 2, Episode 133

April 10, 2014

The Big Ask: How One Woman Confronts Her Fiancé; Mystery Millionaire Mom; Cheaters; Surprise

Season 2, Episode 132

April 9, 2014

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Date; Nature's First Aid Kit; Food Fight; Pothole Into Works of Art

Season 2, Episode 131

April 8, 2014

Steve's All-Star Panel Is Back; Calorie-Conscious Cocktails; Dance Troupe; Safety Products; St. Louis Woman

Season 2, Episode 130

April 7, 2014

She Loves Her Man, But His Movie Obsession Is Out of Control; Garden; Ruben Studdard; Kite Flyers

Season 2, Episode 129

April 4, 2014

Steve Decodes the Stand-in Boyfriend; Teenage "Harvey's Hero"; Promotion; Beach Volleyball Mixer

Season 2, Episode 128

April 3, 2014

Steve Helps a Woman; Kid Reporter; Hottest New App; Disney Dreamers Academy; Impression

Season 2, Episode 127

April 2, 2014

Steve Tries to Save Two Weddings; Spring Grilling Tips; Emotional Surprise; Double Life

Season 2, Episode 126

April 1, 2014

Steve Kicks Off "Celebrate Spring" Week; "Lip Flip" Video; First Date; "Harvey's Hero"; Dorothy Hamill

Season 2, Episode 125

March 31, 2014

Steve Reveals the Secrets to Grabbing Any Guy's Attention; Deion Sanders; Bridal Boot Camp; Candid Kids

Season 2, Episode 124

March 28, 2014

Steve Explores the New Trend of "Nearlyweds"; Weight-Loss Method; Daddy-Daughter Contest

Season 2, Episode 123

March 27, 2014

He Loves Me But He Hates My Hair; Female Groundbreaker; Surprise "Thank You"; Cyber Celeb

Season 2, Episode 122

March 26, 2014

Steve's "United Dates of America" Hits Oregon; Hero; George Wallace and Jerry Seinfeld; Travel Mom

Season 2, Episode 121

March 25, 2014

How to Spot a Cheater; Joy Bauer; Fatherless Boy; Largest Bubble-Gum Bubble

Season 2, Episode 120

March 24, 2014

Steve Follows Up on a Promise; Team of "Harvey's Heroes"; High Fashion; Cleanest Public Bathroom

Season 2, Episode 119

March 21, 2014

Can Steve Help a Dater Decode Texts; Social Media; Emotional Surprise; Makeup Tip

Season 2, Episode 118

March 20, 2014

One of Steve's Favorite Single Ladies Is Back; Groundbreaking Female Athlete; Single Dad's Plea; Winter Weather

Season 2, Episode 117

March 19, 2014

Steve to the Rescue! Steve Steps in for a Mom; Wedding Look for Less; Former Prison Inmate; Saving Big

Season 2, Episode 116

March 18, 2014

Steve in Your Ear: Kym Whitley Goes Dating; Skin-Care Secrets; "America's Supernanny"; Go Green

Season 2, Episode 115

March 17, 2014

She Got a Ring, But Has She Become a Bridezilla? Cold-Weather Gear; Heartwarming Surprise; Hilarious Notes

Season 2, Episode 114

March 14, 2014

An Update on the Worst Wing-Woman; Harvey's Hero; Perfect Car; Worn-Out Moms

Season 2, Episode 113

March 13, 2014

Are Teenage Habits Normal or "Is It Weird"? Rosie Perez; Self-Esteem Campaign; Record-Holder

Season 2, Episode 112

March 12, 2014

Steve's Family Tech Diet Challenge; "Naked and Afraid"; First Kiss; Breakdancing Teacher

Season 2, Episode 111

March 11, 2014

How to Get Your Man to Step Up and Help Out; Life-Saving Heroes; Handyman; Weather Kid

Season 2, Episode 110

March 10, 2014

How to Negotiate With Men to Get What You Want; Rahm Emanuel; Roma Downey and Mark Burnett; Sword

Season 2, Episode 109

February 26, 2014

Steve Shares Some Laughs With Betty White; Cancer Fight; Wing Woman; Manicure

Season 2, Episode 108

February 25, 2014

Steve's Romance Rehab for Husbands; Jackie Collins; "NCIS: Los Angeles" With LL Cool J; Diva

Season 2, Episode 107

February 24, 2014

Why Won't He Commit? Stay Positive; Can a Breakup Be a Blessing? Mentoring Camp for Boys

Season 2, Episode 106

February 21, 2014

Steve Helps a Woman Date Outside Her Comfort Zone; Household Dilemmas; Funny Takes; Tara Lipinski

Season 2, Episode 105

February 20, 2014

Steve's "Land a Man" Hour; Social-Media Video

Season 2, Episode 104

February 19, 2014

Best Friends Try Out a 24-Hour Relationship; the Perfect Selfie; "Is It Weird?"

Season 2, Episode 103

February 18, 2014

Steve Shares Tips to Land That Second Date; Tony Horton; Small-Business Reboot; Jenni Pulos; New Tool

Season 2, Episode 102

February 17, 2014

Actor Michael Ealy Surprises His Biggest Fan; Regina Hall; Amazing Recipes; Men's Text Messages

Season 2, Episode 101

February 14, 2014

Steve Plays Cupid; Kevin Hart; Fitness Craze; Anniversary Game; Valentine's Day Gift

Season 2, Episode 100

February 13, 2014

Actress and Comedian Kym Whitley Is Back; Curling; All-New Products; Chocolate; Confession of Love

Season 2, Episode 99

February 12, 2014

Steve Helps a Couple Rekindle Their Romance; Deal Breaker; Viewers Profess Their Love

Season 2, Episode 98

February 11, 2014

Steve Marries America: 50 Couples Say "I Do"! Great American Food Fight; Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Season 2, Episode 97

February 10, 2014

Steve Helps a Woman Reveal Her Secret Crush; Far East; Playbook of Love; Shani Davis; Proposal Week

Season 2, Episode 96

February 7, 2014

Steve and Patti Stanger Take Their Dating Advice Global; Harvey's Hero; Sleeping Positions; Proposal

Season 2, Episode 95

February 6, 2014

Can Steve Get a Husband to Change His Flirty Ways? Harvey's Hero; 100-Year-Old Best Friends; Proposals

Season 2, Episode 94

February 5, 2014

Does Mom Really Know Best When It Comes to Dating? Love Alive; Unplug From Social Media; Marriage Proposal

Season 2, Episode 93

February 4, 2014

A Woman in Steve's Audience Gets the Surprise of Her Life; Never Too Late; Dating Trends; Acne; Edible Art

Season 2, Episode 92

February 3, 2014

Steve's All-Star Panel Breaks Down Today's Hottest Headlines; Coffee; Judge Lynn Toler; Tests

Season 2, Episode 91

January 31, 2014

Steve Follows Up With the Women Who Took His 90-Day Oath; New Orleans Grannies; Mothers; Text Messages

Season 2, Episode 90

January 30, 2014

Steve Honors a "Super Mom"; Dr. Phil and Jay McGraw Reveal the Latest App; Dating Game; Laziest People

Season 2, Episode 89

January 29, 2014

Steve Puts Three Sisters in His Dating Lab; Makeup Trends; Heartfelt Thank You; Text Messages

Season 2, Episode 88

January 28, 2014

Steve Helps a Woman Get Dating Advice; "Thank You Week"; Biggest Lies; Dance Team

Season 2, Episode 87

January 27, 2014

Steve Helps Men Clear Out Their Clutter; Wrong Moves Women Make at the Gym; Single Mom; Photos

Season 2, Episode 86

January 24, 2014

How to Face Your Fear of the Dentist; Lose Weight; Fix Up Your Home; Grossest Word

Season 2, Episode 85

January 23, 2014

She's 21 and Never Been Kissed; Night Eating; Guinness World Record-Breaker; Champagne

Season 2, Episode 84

January 22, 2014

Steve's Romantic Playbook for Married Couples; Conquer Clutter; Teenage Sons; Candid Letters

Season 2, Episode 83

January 21, 2014

Always a Bridesmaid, Never the Bride Follow-up; Mystery Millionaire; Chivalry; Amazing Memory

Season 2, Episode 82

January 20, 2014

Steve's Surprise-Packed Birthday Blowout With Kevin Hart and Ice Cube; First Kiss; Family Affair

Season 2, Episode 81

January 17, 2014

Steve's Helping Single Moms With Out-of-Control Sons; Jennifer Holliday; Good News Story; Shoe Makeover

Season 2, Episode 80

January 16, 2014

Steve Sets Up Single Mom TV Star Kym Whitley; Vacations; Overcome Infertility; Unusual Names

Season 2, Episode 79

January 15, 2014

HGTV Star Carter Oosterhouse; Easy Ways to Stay Sexy at Home; Skin Secrets

Season 2, Episode 78

January 14, 2014

Steve's "United Dates of America"; Overcoming Unemployment; Pop-Culture Trivia Test

Season 2, Episode 77

January 13, 2014

Is Your Breakup Actually a Blessing? Harvey's Hero; Great American Food Fight; Hog Caller

Season 2, Episode 76

January 10, 2014

How to Stop Fighting Over Money With Your Spouse; Healthy Recipes; Harvey's Hero; Sharpening Your Mind

Season 2, Episode 75

January 9, 2014

Steve and "Hungry Girl" Lisa Lillien Help Brides-to-Be; Pageant Coach; Healthy Marriage

Season 2, Episode 74

January 8, 2014

Rachael Ray Shares a Side You've Never Seen; Best Night's Sleep; Romantic Fresh Start; Proposal

Season 2, Episode 73

January 7, 2014

Steve's Tips to Help You Find a Fiancé; Total Body Workout; Family Bucket List; Social Media

Season 2, Episode 72

January 6, 2014

Steve Weighs in on Holiday Stress; Steps to Get Your Man to Clean Up His Act; Driving Lesson; Unusual Models

Season 2, Episode 71

January 2, 2014

Steve Helps Two Best Friends Try Out a "24 Hour" Relationship; 4-Year-Old Mayor; New Smiles; Holiday Photos

Season 2, Episode 70

December 26, 2013

Steve Talks to President Obama! Holiday Homecoming; Ultimate Gift Guide; 12 Days of Christmas

Season 2, Episode 69

December 20, 2013

Can Steve Help a Scrooge Get Into the Holiday Spirit? Perfect Gifts; a Triple Thank You

Season 2, Episode 68

December 19, 2013

Steve Helps Husbands Who Are the Worst Gift-Givers; Tasty Traditions; Awkward Holiday Photos

Season 2, Episode 67

December 18, 2013

Steve Reveals the Hottest Holiday Dresses; Holiday Gift Guide; Holiday Surprise; Holiday Cake

Season 2, Episode 66

December 17, 2013

Can Steve Find a Holi-Date for Countess LuAnn; Must-Have Toys; Furry Friend; Holiday Message

Season 2, Episode 65

December 16, 2013

Steve Helps Stage a Dating Intervention; Cookin' for the Holidays; Out-of-Control Son; Health Advocate

Season 2, Episode 64

December 13, 2013

Steve Challenges His Biggest Doubter to Date His Way; Holiday Meal; Dream Maker; Neighborhood Signs

Season 2, Episode 63

December 12, 2013

Steve Exposes the Disturbing Trend of Revenge Porn; Beating a Migraine; Fashions for Moms; Reality Star

Season 2, Episode 62

December 11, 2013

Steve Helps a Mom Whose Daughter Is Unlucky in Love; Jeanine Pirro; Cook Challenge; Hilarious Letters

Season 2, Episode 61

December 10, 2013

Steve Helps a Woman Who Says Her Hubby Won't Grow Up; Female Groundbreaker; Airplane Collision; David Otunga

Season 2, Episode 60

December 9, 2013

Does Your Bickering Mean It's Over? Comfort Food With Sandra Lee; Fertility Expert; Junior Harvey's Hero

Season 2, Episode 59

December 6, 2013

Steve Helps a Lumberjack Lady Find Love; Chef Art Smith; Dog Causes Big Problems; Dunk-Fest

Season 2, Episode 58

December 5, 2013

Steve Surprises a Fireman With a Man-Cave Makeover; Darrell Wallace Jr.; Intervention; Home Gift

Season 2, Episode 57

December 4, 2013

Steve Teams Up With a Viewer to Find Her Ex-Boyfriend a Mate; Battle of the Bulge; Deal Breaker

Season 2, Episode 56

December 3, 2013

She's 20-Something, Living at Home With No Job; Beating a Winter Cold; Winter Coats; Fashion Show

Season 2, Episode 55

December 2, 2013

Steve Helps a Shopaholic Come Clean; Financial Tips; Beau Bridges; Neighborhood Awards

Season 2, Episode 54

November 29, 2013

Young Men Give Steve an Emotional Surprise; Steve Plays Matchmaker; Indoor Workout; Sandwich Creation

Season 2, Episode 53

November 27, 2013

Steve Plans a Wedding Finale; Harvey's Hero; Single Mom's S.O.S.; Awkward Wedding Photos

Season 2, Episode 52

November 26, 2013

The Steve Harvey Dating Lab Gets Supersized; Best Match; Tom Bergeron; Special Teacher

Season 2, Episode 51

November 25, 2013

Steve Surprises a Mom When He Plays Babysitter for the Day; Second Chance; Hairstyle Tips

Season 2, Episode 50

November 22, 2013

Steve Helps a Boxing Coach With a Knock-Out Proposal; Single Ladies' Lunch; Family Bucket Lists

Season 2, Episode 49

November 21, 2013

Joel Osteen Shares Secrets to Success; Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Week; Thanksgiving Tips

Season 2, Episode 48

November 20, 2013

Steve Plays Matchmaker for Porsha Stewart; Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Week; Interracial Couple

Season 2, Episode 47

November 19, 2013

Steve Surprises a Harvey's Hero to Kick Off Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Week; Dad Showcase; Home

Season 2, Episode 46

November 18, 2013

Why Men Cheat: Steve's All-Male Panel Reveals All; a Millionaire Couple; Hottest Trends in Footwear

Season 2, Episode 45

November 15, 2013

Steve Helps Two Women Brush Up on Dating Skills; Christmas Wish; Flaunt Your Flaws; Hula-Hoop Master

Season 2, Episode 44

November 14, 2013

Steve's Las Vegas Edition; a Gamble on Love; Pint-Sized Poker Prodigies; the Little White Chapel

Season 2, Episode 43

November 13, 2013

Steve Shows Women How to Get Their Men to Commit; Love Letters; Matchmaker; UniverSoul Circus

Season 2, Episode 42

November 12, 2013

Steve Salutes the Armed Forces; Relationship Issues; Movie-Inspired Dinner Party; Heartfelt Messages

Season 2, Episode 41

November 11, 2013

Steve's Sit Down Interview With Reality Star Honey Boo Boo; Advice for Single Moms; Joy Bauer

Season 2, Episode 40

November 8, 2013

Are You Odd Between the Sheets? Tabatha Coffey; How to Safely Fry a Turkey Indoors; "Fast Money"

Season 2, Episode 39

November 7, 2013

Steve Brings Online Dating to Life in His Studio; Thanksgiving Products; Emotional Reunion; "Fast Money"

Season 2, Episode 38

November 6, 2013

How to Talk About Body Image With Teenage Girls; "Total Divas"; Capturing Attention From Men in Public

Season 2, Episode 37

November 5, 2013

Can Women Truly Have It All? Secret Eastern Remedies; Dating Body Language; "Fast Money" Week

Season 2, Episode 36

November 4, 2013

Inside the Mind of Your Man; Steve Scales a Rock Wall; Tyra Banks

Season 2, Episode 35

November 1, 2013

Steve's All-New Halloween Spectacular; Monster Makeover; Dating Horror Stories; Trick-or-Treat Game

Season 2, Episode 34

October 31, 2013

Steve Helps Two Best Friends Take a Chance on Love; Kevin Hart; Bathroom Makeover; "Harvey's Hero"

Season 2, Episode 33

October 30, 2013

"Steve Plans a Wedding" Bride Gets the Ultimate Surprise; Desperate Single Parents; Lester Holt

Season 2, Episode 32

October 29, 2013

"Ask Steve" From the Streets of NYC; Star Jones; Touchy-Feely; "Harvey's Hero"

Season 2, Episode 31

October 28, 2013

"Long Island Medium" Theresa Caputo Stuns Steve; 12-Year-Old Fashion Designer; Sabotaged Their Relationships

Season 2, Episode 30

October 25, 2013

Steve Helps a Son Seeking Mr. Right for His Mom; Secrets to Wearing High Heels; New Recipes

Season 2, Episode 29

October 24, 2013

Steve Reveals What's Happening on Today's College Campuses; Digital Mommy Helpers; Couples Take the Test

Season 2, Episode 28

October 23, 2013

Steve Shares the Do's and Don'ts of Internet Dating; Tim McGraw; Chili Battle

Season 2, Episode 27

October 22, 2013

How to Stop Temper Tantrums; Flirting Syle; What Men Really Mean; Halloween Costume Ideas

Season 2, Episode 26

October 21, 2013

Couples Ask: Is My Marriage Normal? Blushing Bride Chooses Her Gown; Emotional "Thank You"

Season 2, Episode 25

October 18, 2013

She Lost the Man of Her Dreams; Perfect Fall Getaways; "Deep Fried Masters"; Prancercise!

Season 2, Episode 24

October 17, 2013

Steve Honors His First "Super Mom"; Breast Cancer; a Man Who Went to Extremes Looking for Love!

Season 2, Episode 23

October 16, 2013

Steve! Help Our Coworker Find Love! Aspiring Inventors; Teen Drug Slang

Season 2, Episode 22

October 15, 2013

Steve Turns the Tables on a Husband; Slow-Cooker Game-Day Recipes; Relationship Dealbreakers!

Season 2, Episode 21

October 14, 2013

Steve's Game Plan for Football Widows; Career Woman Looking for Love; Steve's Newest Disney Dreamers

Season 2, Episode 20

October 11, 2013

Steve Reveals the Three Best Places to Find a Man; Family Diet Plan; Reverend Al Sharpton

Season 2, Episode 19

October 10, 2013

Cedric the Entertainer Joins Steve; Mother-Daughter Reunion; Viral Photo; Sky Star Elena Delle Donne

Season 2, Episode 18

October 9, 2013

Steve, Makeover My Man! Plus, Embarrassing Medical Issues; Money-Saving Tips for Family Fun; Bumper Soccer

Season 2, Episode 17

October 8, 2013

Steve Faces His Critics in Our First "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man" Debate; Driving Lesson; Family Business

Season 2, Episode 16

October 7, 2013

Steve Breaks Down the Bad Relationship Advice Women Give Each Other; Big Hollywood Moment; Jorge Cruise

Season 2, Episode 15

October 4, 2013

Steve Meets the Stars of TLC's "Cheer Perfection"; From Prisoner to Entrepreneur; Father-Daughter Reunion

Season 2, Episode 14

October 3, 2013

It's Steve's Celebrity Dating Game; Am I a Bad Parent; the Perfect Pet for Your Family!

Season 2, Episode 13

October 2, 2013

Steve's Tips on How to Bounce Back From a Breakup; "Toddlers & Tiaras"; Ali Larter

Season 2, Episode 12

October 1, 2013

Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride? Spectacular Birthday Cake; Steve's First Ever Lie-Detector Test

Season 2, Episode 11

September 30, 2013

Steve's Tips for How to Blend a Family; How to Fix Do-It-Yourself Disasters; Steve's Dating Remedy

Season 2, Episode 10

September 27, 2013

Steve Rehabilitates One Viewer's Romantically Challenged Husband; Digital Dating Trends; Mentoring Camp

Season 2, Episode 9

September 26, 2013

Steve's Wedding Surprise for One Deserving Family; Senior Olympian; Dream Career

Season 2, Episode 8

September 25, 2013

Steve and an All-Star Female Panel Sound Off on Topics; Makeover of a Lifetime; Family-Friendly Meals

Season 2, Episode 7

September 24, 2013

Steve's First-Ever All-Female Town Hall; Creative Parenting Tactics; Fashions for Less

Season 2, Episode 6

September 23, 2013

Deserving Kindergarten Teachers Get Makeovers; Is Your Relationship Issue a Deal Breaker; Aqua Cycling!

Season 2, Episode 5

September 20, 2013

The Real Truth About Teens and Sex; the Touching Story of a Cancer Survivor; New Tailgating Trends

Season 2, Episode 4

September 19, 2013

Superstar Singer Michael Bublé; How to Get Every Man to Help Around the House; Principles to Success

Season 2, Episode 3

September 18, 2013

How to Cope With Turning 40; a 4-Year-Old Mayor; One of Our Most Memorable Worst Daters Returns

Season 2, Episode 2

September 17, 2013

World's Largest First Date; Harvey's Hero; Josh Shipp and Alyson Stoner: Is It Weird Teen Edition

Season 2, Episode 1

September 16, 2013

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