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An animated adult series about four potty-mouthed, trash-talking grade schoolers living in a Colorado town. Rude, crude and seriously funny, it became an immediate hit after its Comedy Central debut in August 1997, inspiring some guest voice appearances by (more…)

Premiered: August 13, 1997

Rating: TV-MA

User Rating:4.7 out of 5 (525 ratings)

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Sun Mar 1 2:01pm
Chicken Pox(Season 2, Episode 10) COMEDY

The town faces an outbreak of chicken pox.

Sun Mar 1 2:33pm
Sexual Harassment Panda(Season 3, Episode 6) COMEDY

Cartman sues Stan for sexual harassment.

Sun Mar 1 3:04pm
The Jeffersons(Season 8, Episode 6) COMEDY

A mysterious gentleman and his son create controversy in South Park.

Sun Mar 1 3:36pm
South Park Is Gay(Season 7, Episode 8) COMEDY

The whole town suddenly discovers it's all the rage to be gay.

Sun Mar 1 4:07pm
My Future Self n' Me(Season 6, Episode 16) COMEDY

Stan is forced to look at his life 30 years in the future; Cartman tries to launch a new business.

Sun Mar 1 4:39pm
Fourth Grade(Season 4, Episode 11) COMEDY

The fearful boys speculate on the identity of their teacher as they begin the fourth grade, leading them to build a time machine to take them back to the safety of third grade.

Sun Mar 1 5:11pm
The Tooth Fairy's Tats 2000(Season 4, Episode 1) COMEDY

Cartman impersonates the Tooth Fairy when he learns there's money to be made from harvesting the teeth of underprivileged kids. However, the leader of a dentists' organization sets out to stop him.

Sun Mar 1 5:42pm
Cartman Joins NAMBLA(Season 4, Episode 5) COMEDY

Cartman seeks online companionship from older users after deciding that Stan, Kenny and Kyle aren't mature enough.

Sun Mar 1 6:13pm
Cartman's Mom....(Season 1, Episode 13) COMEDY

When Cartman begins to exhibit odd behavior, a counselor suggests that finding his father may solve his problems.

Sun Mar 1 6:47pm
Cartman's Mom Is Still.....(Season 2, Episode 2) COMEDY

Chef and the boys rush to the hospital to check on Mephesto, who's gunned down just as he's set to reveal the identity of Cartman's father. Meanwhile, the townspeople search for the gunman and battle a snowstorm.

Sun Mar 1 7:21pm
Do the Handicapped Go to Hell?(Season 4, Episode 9) COMEDY

The boys, scared by Priest Maxi's threats of eternal damnation, scramble to take part in Holy Communion and their first Confession in order to “save” themselves.

Sun Mar 1 7:56pm
Probably(Season 4, Episode 10) COMEDY

Satan can't decide between his new boyfriend and his former beau, Saddam Hussein. Meanwhile, Cartman has discovered his evangelical side and tries to ensure the gang a passage to heaven.

Sun Mar 1 8:30pm
Professor Chaos(Season 6, Episode 6) COMEDY

When Butters is rejected by the kids, his alter ego Professor Chaos is unleashed.

Sun Mar 1 9:00pm
The Simpsons Already Did It(Season 6, Episode 7) COMEDY

Cartman and the gang fear that they may have accidentally caused a death.

Sun Mar 1 9:30pm
Pinewood Derby(Season 13, Episode 6) COMEDY

Randy pulls out all the stops to make sure that Stan wins first place in the annual Pinewood Derby.

Sun Mar 1 10:00pm
Imaginationland: The Movie COMEDY

In the complete trilogy of "Imaginationland," the boys enter a dimension containing the world's imagination, which is threatened by a terrorist attack and a nuclear holocaust. Meanwhile, Cartman is preoccupied with Kyle fulfilling a bet about the existence (more…)

Sun Mar 1 11:30pm
Black Friday: The Trilogy COMEDY

The holiday shopping season creates a rush at the mall for deals on gaming systems, and starts a fight between the children over which console to buy. Meanwhile, Randy gets a job as a security guard to help control the mall crowds.

Mon Mar 2 10:15am
Helen Keller! The Musical(Season 4, Episode 13) COMEDY

The boys work on a Thanksgiving pageant about Helen Keller and decide to use a turkey instead of a dog.

Mon Mar 2 10:45am
Chef Aid(Season 2, Episode 14) COMEDY

Chef (voice of Isaac Hayes) invites some of his well-known musician friends to participate in a benefit concert after he loses all of his money in a lawsuit. Meanwhile, the boys join the workforce to help him get out of debt.

Mon Mar 2 6:56pm
Fun with Veal(Season 6, Episode 4) COMEDY

After learning how veal is made, the boys try to save some calves from the slaughterhouse.

Mon Mar 2 7:28pm
The Biggest(Season 6, Episode 15) COMEDY

Cartman takes desperate measures to try to rid himself of Kenny's spirit, including traveling to Scotland.

Mon Mar 2 8:00pm
The Coon(Season 13, Episode 2) COMEDY

Rival vigilantes battle for supremacy as crime-fighting icons of the town.

Mon Mar 2 8:30pm
South Park: The Coon Trilogy COMEDY

"The Coon Trilogy" (2010) includes the episodes "Coon 2: Hindsight," "Mysterion Rises" and "Coon vs. Coon & Friends."

Tue Mar 3 12:33am
Super Fun Time(Season 12, Episode 7) COMEDY

A class trip to a living museum that recreates 1800s Colorado leads to a hostage situation for some of the boys.

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