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An animated adult series about four potty-mouthed, trash-talking grade schoolers living in a Colorado town. Rude, crude and seriously funny, it became an immediate hit after its Comedy Central debut in August 1997, inspiring some guest voice appearances by (more…)

Premiered: August 13, 1997

Rating: TV-MA

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Mon Jan 26 1:33am
The Last of the Meheecans(Season 15, Episode 9) COMEDY

Cartman fancies himself an agent of the U.S. Border Patrol when the boys play Texans vs. Mexicans.

Mon Jan 26 2:04am
The Ring(Season 13, Episode 1) COMEDY

In the 13th-season premiere, Kenny gets less than he bargained for when he takes his new girlfriend to a Jonas Brothers concert.

Mon Jan 26 2:34am
Reverse Cowgirl(Season 16, Episode 1) COMEDY

Tragedy strikes when one of the boys repeatedly ignores reminders about leaving the toilet seat up in the Season 16 premiere.

Mon Jan 26 3:04am
Let Go, Let Gov(Season 17, Episode 1) COMEDY

In the Season 17 premiere, Cartman infiltrates the National Security Agency and is upset by what he finds in his personal file. Meanwhile, Butters finds a new audience for his prayers.

Mon Jan 26 3:34am
The Snuke(Season 11, Episode 4) COMEDY

Hillary Clinton makes a campaign stop in South Park. Meanwhile, Cartman believes he's uncovered a terrorist plot.

Mon Jan 26 4:04am
A Nightmare on FaceTime(Season 16, Episode 12) COMEDY

The boys' plans to go trick-or-treating as their comic-book heroes, the Avengers, hit a snag when Stan's dad needs his son's help with a new business venture.

Mon Jan 26 10:22am
The Biggest(Season 6, Episode 15) COMEDY

Cartman takes desperate measures to try to rid himself of Kenny's spirit, including traveling to Scotland.

Mon Jan 26 10:52am
The Losing Edge(Season 9, Episode 5) COMEDY

The boys become bored with baseball after a long winning streak.

Mon Jan 26 6:58pm
Quintuplets 2000(Season 4, Episode 4) COMEDY

The South Park media showers attention on a family with quintuplets that moves into the area, and Cartman befriends one of the new residents. Meanwhile, Kenny's mom tries to cash in on the excitement by planning a multiple birth of her own.

Mon Jan 26 9:00pm
Royal Pudding(Season 15, Episode 3) COMEDY

Canadian-born Ike shares his country's obsession with a royal wedding and offers his services when the princess-to-be is abducted.

Mon Jan 26 9:30pm
Eat, Pray, Queef(Season 13, Episode 4) COMEDY

An April Fools' joke goes bad, inspiring fear and fury among the boys.

Mon Jan 26 10:00pm
Canada on Strike!(Season 12, Episode 4) COMEDY

When Canada goes on strike, the boys find themselves in the thick of negotiations for a settlement, and the void in U.S. jobs is filled by replacements from Denmark. Meanwhile, Terrance and Phillip are on the fence about joining the strike, but are shocked (more…)

Mon Jan 26 10:30pm
Freemium Isn't Free(Season 18, Episode 6) COMEDY

Stan's addicted to a new app marketed by Terrance and Phillip, but the duo find that all the money they're making can't buy happiness.

Tue Jan 27 12:31am
Cash for Gold(Season 16, Episode 2) COMEDY

Cartman targets a specific—and vulnerable—clientele when he starts his own shopping channel for gems, while Stan researches the value of a piece of jewelry that was a gift from his grandfather.

Tue Jan 27 10:54am
Free Willzyx(Season 9, Episode 13) COMEDY

Kyle bonds with a marine-park whale and gets the boys to help try to return the creature to its family.

Tue Jan 27 7:00pm
Ginger Kids(Season 9, Episode 11) COMEDY

Ostracized for his appearance because of a case of “gingervitus,” Cartman goes on a campaign against discrimination.

Wed Jan 28 2:32am
Eek, A Penis!(Season 12, Episode 5) COMEDY

Cartman takes over Ms. Garrison's class when the teacher's personal crisis causes her to be removed from the classroom.

Wed Jan 28 3:02am
About Last Night...(Season 12, Episode 12) COMEDY

South Park residents join the rest of the country in celebrating the election of a U.S. president, who moves a new administration into the White House ahead of schedule.

Wed Jan 28 3:32am
1%(Season 15, Episode 12) COMEDY

Cartman's lack of physical fitness makes him a target for the other kids' scorn.

Wed Jan 28 4:02am
Insheeption(Season 14, Episode 10) COMEDY

Stan talks to Mr. Mackey about his hoarding disorder, but learns the guidance counselor has problems with the same compulsion.

Wed Jan 28 4:31am
A Million Little Fibers(Season 10, Episode 5) COMEDY

Oprah picks Towelie's memoir for her book club, but his account is found to be less than truthful. Soon, the public derision lures Towelie off the wagon.

Wed Jan 28 10:54am
Free Hat(Season 6, Episode 9) COMEDY

The boys try to prevent filmmakers from remaking their movies, but their efforts are mistaken for a campaign for the release of an infamous criminal.

Wed Jan 28 1:26pm
Follow That Egg!(Season 9, Episode 10) COMEDY

Townsfolk rally against gay marriage, especially Mr. Garrison, whose ex Mr. Slave plans to wed Big Gay Al.

Wed Jan 28 1:56pm
Weight Gain 4000(Season 1, Episode 3) COMEDY

Cartman tries to slim down when he learns a TV talk-show host is coming to town to give him an award, but he bulks up instead. Meanwhile, Mr. Garrison hatches a plan to murder the visiting celeb.

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