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A hospital worker deals with a substance-abuse problem, an active love life and a tough job.

Premiered: June 8, 2009

Rating: TV-MA

User Rating:4.08 out of 5 (216 ratings)

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Tue Apr 7 7:00pm
Pilot(Season 1, Episode 1) SHO2e

A black comedy centering on veteran New York City ER nurse Jackie Peyton (Edie Falco), who strives to juggle patients, coworkers and her own personal demons, including a substance-abuse problem. In the pilot, she tries to hide her painkiller addiction whil (more…)

Tue Apr 7 7:30pm
Sweet-N-All(Season 1, Episode 2) SHO2e

Jackie substitutes a narcotic for artificial sweetener, and administrator Mrs. Akalitus mistakenly dumps it in her coffee; ER mayhem causes student nurse Zoey to second-guess her choice of career; and an unruly patient stirs things up in the hospital.

Tue Apr 7 8:00pm
Chicken Soup(Season 1, Episode 3) SHO2e

Jackie and her husband fret over their 10-year-old daughter's nervous behavior; Jackie's pharmacist-lover tells her he may be replaced by a robotic pill-machine dispenser; a dying man (Eli Wallach) refuses medical treatment, claiming that all he needs is h (more…)

Tue Apr 7 8:30pm
School Nurse(Season 1, Episode 4) SHO2e

Jackie takes umbrage when Grace's teacher, the school nurse and the district psychologist suggest that they treat the troubled young girl with antianxiety medication. Elsewhere, Zoey deals with losing her first patient; and a young twin becomes overly atta (more…)

Tue Apr 7 9:00pm
Daffodil(Season 1, Episode 5) SHO2e

On her first night shift, Zoey deals with a 10-year-old girl whose mother suffers from lupus. Jackie discovers that the youngster is her mom's primary caregiver, prompting her to once again flout hospital policy in order to lend them a hand. Later, Dr. O'H (more…)

Tue Apr 7 9:30pm
Tiny Bubbles(Season 1, Episode 6) SHO2e

A former nurse coworker (Judith Ivey) asks Jackie to help in an assisted suicide; Coop's mother (Blythe Danner) has a gallbladder attack and is admitted to the hospital, where Jackie and Dr. O'Hara uncover a surprising secret about Coop's family.

Tue Apr 7 10:00pm
Steak Knife(Season 1, Episode 7) SHO2e

In a typical slice-of-life day at the hospital, they treat a man with a steak knife stuck in his chest, compliments of the ex-husband of the woman he has taken on a first date; on their one-year anniversary, Eddie gives Jackie an expensive gift that she fe (more…)

Tue Apr 7 10:30pm
Pupil(Season 1, Episode 8) SHO2e

A woman (Andrea Martin) is admitted to the hospital with a head injury and her attractive daughter catches the eye of Dr. Cooper; Zoey suspects that a temp nurse is on drugs, but when Jackie confronts the nurse, he accuses her of the same; Grace has a pani (more…)

Tue Apr 7 11:00pm
Nosebleed(Season 1, Episode 9) SHO2e

When one of Jackie's patients returns with more severe symptoms, Zoey second-guesses Jackie's initial treatment; Jackie's continued drug use begins to have a physical impact on her health, and she's disappointed that Dr. O'Hara has betrayed a confidence. L (more…)

Tue Apr 7 11:30pm
Ring Finger(Season 1, Episode 10) SHO2e

With Coop threatening to expose Jackie for falsifying an organ donor's file, she takes drastic measures to keep abreast of his plans; Jackie asks for Dr. O'Hara's help when she can't remove her wedding ring prior to an assignation with Eddie. On the home f (more…)

Wed Apr 8 12:00am
Pill-O-Matix(Season 1, Episode 11) SHO2e

Kevin buys a replacement for Jackie's destroyed wedding ring; the new automatic pill dispenser leads to the hospital downsizing Eddie; and an injured movie critic (Victor Garber) is given the wrong dose of a painkiller and slips into a coma. Meanwhile, Coo (more…)

Wed Apr 8 12:30am
Health Care and Cinema(Season 1, Episode 12) SHO2e

In the season finale, Jackie is pressed for time to meet Kevin for a midnight rendezvous and Dr. O'Hara, whom she promised to support when her comatose mother arrives from London. Meanwhile, a distraught Eddie drowns his sorrows at Kevin's bar, and then re (more…)

Wed Apr 8 7:00pm
Comfort Food(Season 2, Episode 1) SHO2e

In the Season 2 opener, Jackie is trying to leave her indiscretions behind and make a renewed commitment to Kevin and the girls, but things get complicated when Coop lodges a formal complaint against her and a narcotics shortage is discovered at the hospit (more…)

Wed Apr 8 7:30pm
Twitter(Season 2, Episode 2) SHO2e

Jackie cuts through some red tape to procure a speedy diagnosis for a little boy's illness, but accidentally sends the family home with inaccurate information, inciting the ire of Dr. Cooper. Meanwhile, the death of O'Hara's mother triggers a drink-and-dru (more…)

Wed Apr 8 8:00pm
Candyland(Season 2, Episode 3) SHO2e

After growing annoyed with her daughters' play-date friends, Jackie seeks solace in a line of her favorite medication, and one of the girls catches her mid-snort. Elsewhere, Kevin doesn't like the idea of accepting money for the girls' educations from Dr (more…)

Wed Apr 8 8:30pm
Apple Bong(Season 2, Episode 4) SHO2e

Jackie is upset with Eddie stalking her and her family, while at the hospital, she breaks the law by providing marijuana to a cancer patient suffering from chemo nausea. Zoey confides in Jackie that she thinks she may be pregnant, and Dr. O'Hara puts the m (more…)

Wed Apr 8 9:00pm
Caregiver(Season 2, Episode 5) SHO2e

Jackie's drug supply takes a hit after Mrs. Akalitus places a security guard at the Pill-O-Matix; Dr. O'Hara informs Jackie that she's been involved in a longtime, on-again-off-again romance with a female foreign correspondent (Julia Ormond). Later, Sam br (more…)

Wed Apr 8 9:30pm
Bleeding(Season 2, Episode 6) SHO2e

Eddie and Jackie sleep together at his apartment and she demands that he stop hanging out with Kevin, which Eddie ignores. Elsewhere, Cooper becomes the "Face of All Saints" with ad posters of him splashed all over the city, which infuriates Jackie and O'H (more…)

Wed Apr 8 10:00pm
Silly String(Season 2, Episode 7) SHO2e

Jackie discovers that Dr. O'Hara's lover (Julia Ormond) has been cheating on her; a generous patron of the hospital is rushed to the ER and threatens to withhold funding for All Saints. Later, Jackie reconsiders her relationship with Eddie, and some qualit (more…)

Wed Apr 8 10:30pm
Monkey Bits(Season 2, Episode 8) SHO2e

When Fiona turns up at school with an injured lip and her arm in a cast, her teacher becomes suspicious; a heartbroken man (Harvey Fierstein) has a difficult time letting go of his dying husband; and Coop sets up Eddie with a friend and he takes her to Kev (more…)

Wed Apr 8 11:00pm
P.O. Box(Season 2, Episode 9) SHO2e

Jackie rents a post-office box to receive credit-card bills from her prescription-drug purchases; she also informs Kevin that she wants Fiona to join Grace in Catholic school, and he reiterates that he doesn't want her accepting financial help from Dr. O'H (more…)

Wed Apr 8 11:30pm
Sleeping Dogs(Season 2, Episode 10) SHO2e

Jackie uses a fake MRI scan to get Dr. O'Hara to write her a prescription; Mrs. Akalitus brings back Eddie to run the pharmacy; and Jackie and Mrs. Akalitus offer some unusual advice to a patient's wife to help her qualify for Medicaid. Later, Jackie helps (more…)

Thu Apr 9 12:00am
What the Day Brings(Season 2, Episode 11) SHO2e

Jackie does a good job of avoiding Eddie, Dr. O'Hara, and the drug dealer whose stash she lifted, and heads off on a vacation upstate with the family, but their getaway turns into a disaster. Back at the hospital, Dr. Cooper tells Eddie about sleeping with (more…)

Thu Apr 9 12:30am
Years of Service(Season 2, Episode 12) SHO2e

In the second-season finale, Jackie's back at work after an aborted family vacation, and her indiscretions have put her at odds with her family, friends and coworkers. And the drug dealer she ripped off is now seeking revenge.

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