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A delightfully off-the-wall show about a bright youngster, his brothers, goofy dad and spunky mom. Wonderfully performed and scripted, with unpredictable (often irreverent) storylines. Home sweet home has seldom been such a nutty battleground.

Premiered: January 9, 2000

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Sat Mar 7 6:00am
Francis Escapes(Season 1, Episode 7) IFC

Francis goes AWOL from military school to link up with his girlfriend (Lauren Hodges), a ditsy doozy who's made him gaga. Francis: Christopher Kennedy Masterson. Malcolm: Frankie Muniz. Lois: Jane Kaczmarek. Dewey: Erik Per Sullivan. Hal: Bryan Cranston. S (more…)

Sat Mar 7 6:30am
Krelboyne Picnic(Season 1, Episode 8) IFC

Disasters abound at a gifted kids' picnic, where stage acts bomb, families feud and Malcolm's dad serves meat to vegetarians. Dorene: Beth Grant. Malcolm: Frankie Muniz. Lois: Jane Kaczmarek. Hal: Bryan Cranston. Francis: Christopher Kennedy Masterson. Ree (more…)

Sun Mar 8 6:00am
Lois vs. Evil(Season 1, Episode 9) IFC

Lois's firing prompts household economizing. Meanwhile, Francis delights in his honor-guard duty---at a teenage beauty pageant. Julie: Landry Allbright. Pinter: Marc Vann. Lois: Jane Kaczmarek. Malcolm: Frankie Muniz. Francis: Christopher Kennedy Masterson (more…)

Sun Mar 8 6:30am
Stock-Car Races(Season 1, Episode 10) IFC

Portraits of mischief-makers: the younger kids at a stock-car race and elder brother Francis at military school, where he's keeping a boa constrictor as a pet. Hal: Bryan Cranston. Malcolm: Frankie Muniz. Lois: Jane Kaczmarek. Francis: Christopher Kennedy (more…)

Sun Mar 8 7:00am
Funeral(Season 1, Episode 11) IFC

A relative's funeral conflicts with Malcolm's plans for his very first date, so he tries to figure out a way to skip the bereavement ceremony. Malcolm: Frankie Muniz. Lois: Jane Kaczmarek. Julie: Landry Allbright. Reese: Justin Berfield. Hal: Bryan Cransto (more…)

Sun Mar 8 7:30am
Cheerleader(Season 1, Episode 12) IFC

A spiffy cheerleader attracts slovenly Reese, who cleans up his act---best as he can---to woo her. He even joins her rah-rah squad. Wendy: Lisa Lewolt. Reese: Justin Berfield. Malcolm: Frankie Muniz. Lois: Jane Kaczmarek. Hal: Bryan Cranston. Spangler: Dan (more…)

Sun Mar 8 8:00am
Rollerskates(Season 1, Episode 13) IFC

Roller-skating lessons from Hal bug Malcolm, who rebels against dad's discipline while mom agonizes in bed from a backache she blames on Reese. Lois: Jane Kaczmarek. Hal: Bryan Cranston. Reese: Justin Berfield.

Sat Mar 14 6:15am
The Bots and the Bees(Season 1, Episode 14) IFC

While the design of a “killer robot” preoccupies Malcolm, his mom takes on the automaton who commands Francis's military school. Spangler: Daniel Von Bargen. Lois: Jane Kaczmarek. Francis: Christopher Kennedy Masterson. Malcolm: Frankie Muniz.

Sat Mar 14 6:45am
Smunday(Season 1, Episode 15) IFC

The boys learn that Francis ratted on them, so they threaten to reveal his recent misdeeds to Mom. Trouble is, she's delirious with the flu. Car Salesman: Peter Mackenzie. Richie: Todd Giebenhain. Lois: Jane Kaczmarek.

Sat Mar 14 7:15am
Water Park(Season 1, Episode 16) IFC

Beatrice Arthur plays a no-nonsense sitter tending to Dewey, while Malcolm and Reese romp at an amusement park; and Francis is being hustled at pocket billiards by his military-school commandant (Daniel Von Bargen). Dewey: Erik Per Sullivan.

Sat Mar 14 7:45am
Traffic Jam(Season 2, Episode 1) IFC

The plight of runaway Dewey is resolved while the other family members are stuck in a horrendous traffic jam, where an ice-cream truck is under siege and Malcolm is smitten. Dewey: Erik Per Sullivan. Jessica: Hallee Hirsh. Ice Cream Man: Clyde Kusatsu. Mal (more…)

Sat Mar 14 8:15am
Lois' Birthday(Season 2, Episode 3) IFC

Crummy gifts rile birthday gal Lois, who suddenly splits from home, leaving confusion, anxiety and desperation in her wake. Amaani: Blair Wingo. Craig: David Higgins. Lois: Jane Kaczmarek. Reese: Justin Berfield. Malcolm: Frankie Muniz. Francis: Christophe (more…)

Sat Mar 14 8:45am
Dinner Out(Season 2, Episode 4) IFC

Shenanigans abound at the fancy spot where the family's dining, and at Francis's school, where rowdy teenage girls are partying. Kitty Kenarban: Merrin Dungey. Stevie: Craig Lamar Traylor. Abe: Gary Anthony Williams. Spangler: Daniel Von Bargen. Francis: C (more…)

Sun Mar 15 6:15am
Casino(Season 2, Episode 5) IFC

A family vacation turns into an ordeal in the desert for Hal, Reese and Malcolm, who wander onto an artillery range. Hal: Bryan Cranston. Lois: Jane Kaczmarek. Dewey: Erik Per Sullivan. Reese: Justin Berfield. Francis: Christopher Kennedy Masterson. Malcol (more…)

Sun Mar 15 6:45am
Convention(Season 2, Episode 6) IFC

While Hal and Lois wreak havoc out of town, the boys are almost angelic at home---thanks to the care of a sexy sitter (Melody Perkins). Barbara: Alison LaPlaca. Tom: Robert Curtis Brown. Dewey: Erik Per Sullivan. Reese: Justin Berfield. Malcolm: Frankie Mu (more…)

Sun Mar 15 7:15am
Robbery(Season 2, Episode 7) IFC

Gun-wielding robbers menace Lois and Craig at the store; swarming bats beset Hal and the boys at home. Craig: David Higgins. Lois: Jane Kaczmarek. Hal: Bryan Cranston. Cadet Finley: Arjay Smith. Reese: Justin Berfield. Malcolm: Frankie Muniz. Dewey: Erik P (more…)

Sun Mar 15 7:45am
Therapy(Season 2, Episode 8) IFC

Humiliation as a Krelboyne is driving Malcolm bananas, so he fakes his way into seeing the school shrink, with whom the con continues. Christie: Nancy Lenehan. Caroline: Catherine Lloyd Burns. Reese: Justin Berfield. Dewey: Erik Per Sullivan. Francis: Chri (more…)

Sun Mar 15 8:15am
High-School Play(Season 2, Episode 9) IFC

Talk about typecasting...Malcolm plays impish Puck in “A Midsummer Night's Dream” and is captivated by the high-school drama crowd. Amber: Natasha Melnick. Meghan: Busy Philipps. Mr. Li: Arsenio “Sonny” Trinidad. Spangler: Daniel Von Bargen. Mr. Gr (more…)

Sun Mar 15 8:45am
The Bully(Season 2, Episode 10) IFC

Bullying Reese suddenly turns into a wimp, thanks to a thrashing by a high-school wrestling foe---who just happens to be a girl. Reese: Justin Berfield. Stevie: Craig Lamar Traylor. Malcolm: Frankie Muniz. Francis: Christopher Kennedy Masterson. Lois: Jane (more…)

Sun Mar 15 9:15am
Old Mrs. Old(Season 2, Episode 11) IFC

The punishment fits the crime...Malcolm must work for an ill-tempered, elderly lady (Florence Stanley) whose arm he accidentally broke. Spangler: Daniel Von Bargen. Richie: Todd Giebenhain. Dewey: Erik Per Sullivan. Francis: Christopher Kennedy Masterson (more…)

Tue Mar 17 6:15am
Buseys Take a Hostage(Season 6, Episode 21) IFC

Dewey's classmates rebel and muzzle a nagging teacher. Meanwhile, Hal's empowered by a neighborhood post with a large treasury, which Malcolm knows exactly how to spend. Jim: Sam Lloyd. Jeffers: Jim Jansen.

Tue Mar 17 6:45am
Mrs. Tri-County(Season 6, Episode 22) IFC

The sixth-season finale finds Lois competing in a pageant with sniping moms, graded on glamour, poise and talent. A subplot concerns Malcolm's lascivious teacher: a pageant judge who has his eyes set on one contestant.

Tue Mar 17 7:15am
Burning Man(Season 7, Episode 1) IFC

Rosanna Arquette guest stars as an earthy healer, who wows Malcolm at a gathering of free spirits in the desert that's also attended by his family, showing up in a fancy, borrowed RV. Nate: Jeff Doucette. Vivian: Cece Tsou.

Tue Mar 17 7:45am
Health Insurance(Season 7, Episode 2) IFC

Health-care fears panic Hal, who missed an insurance payment and is desperate to protect his family. Which means locking up the boys. Also, Lois links up with union organizers at the Lucky Aide, where a snitch is in their midst.

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