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Sexual assaults, domestic disputes and kidnappings are often the primary focus of this crime show, which follows New York City detectives working in a specialized division within the police department. The first spin-off of "Law & Order," this series has f (more…)

Premiered: September 20, 1999

Rating: TV-14

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Wed Jan 28 9:00pm
Pornstar's Requiem(Season 16, Episode 5) NBC

A college student becomes a pornography star, and then she is sexually assaulted by some classmates who confuse fantasy with reality. When the case goes to court, the victim lands in the hot seat as questioning gets underway.

Thu Jan 29 4:00am
Care(Season 3, Episode 9) USA-E

A computer game provides clues in the death of a physically abused little girl in foster care.

Thu Jan 29 5:00am
Contagious(Season 6, Episode 11) USA-E

A case of child abuse is discovered after a little girl (Jennette McCurdy) is examined following an auto accident. Mark Dobbins: Daniel Hugh Kelly. Julie Dobbins: Rebecca Lowman. Larry Purcell: David Lansbury. Sonya Purcell: Pamela Holden Stewart. Kevin Wi (more…)

Thu Jan 29 6:00am
Runaway(Season 2, Episode 16) USA-E

The detectives tell Internal Affairs reps what occurred during the search for a police officer's runaway teenage daughter. Ted Bolger: Darrell Hammond. Frank Foster: Daniel Ziskie. Tito Frank: Sean Nelson. Jeffries: Michelle Hurd. Benson: Mariska Hargitay (more…)

Thu Jan 29 7:00am
Taken(Season 2, Episode 8) USA-E

The detectives investigate a rape that occurred during the opening festivities of a luxury hotel. Beau Miller: Bill Winkler. Siobhan Miller: Jenna Lamia. Desk Clerk Wilde: Tim Hopper. Russell Ramsay: Derek Cecil. Patty Ann Miller: Nealy Glenn. Munch: Richa (more…)

Thu Jan 29 8:00am
Consent(Season 2, Episode 10) USA-E

A rape victim (Tammy Blanchard) can't remember the circumstances of her attack. Tess: Marika Dominczyk. Dana Kimble: Michelle Monaghan. Joe: Chris Beetem. Wally: Zak Orth. Hank: Matt Kautz. Munch: Richard Belzer. Benson: Mariska Hargitay. Stabler: Christop (more…)

Thu Jan 29 9:00am
Mean(Season 5, Episode 17) USA-E

After a teenage girl's body is found in the trunk of a car, Benson and Stabler discover that the deceased had been harassing a classmate. Lynne Riff: Blair Brown. Roger Kressler: Ned Eisenberg. Lionel Granger: David Thornton. Brittany O'Malley: Kelli Garne (more…)

Thu Jan 29 10:00am
Criminal(Season 5, Episode 21) USA-E

A professor and an ex-con are among the suspects in a graduate student's murder.

Thu Jan 29 11:00am
Tragedy(Season 5, Episode 1) USA-E

The search is on for an abducted woman who's about to give birth. Rose Granville: Shirley Knight. Melinda Granville: Kellie Martin. Daniel Lester: Gabriel Olds. Laura Bergeron: Marisa Ryan. Annika Bergeron: Karen Goberman. Sam Marlett: Clarke Thorell.

Thu Jan 29 12:00pm
Painless(Season 5, Episode 22) USA-E

A defense lawyer (John Cullum) challenges the assisted-suicide law in a case involving a hearing-impaired embryologist (Marlee Matlin). Brooks Harmon: Robert LuPone. Allison Nerrit: Annie Campbell. Maria: Toni D'Antonio. Cyndi: Liza Colon-Zayas.

Thu Jan 29 1:00pm
Bound(Season 5, Episode 23) USA-E

An elderly woman's strangulation leads to a case involving other murders and a home-nursing company run by a brother and sister (Anthony Rapp, Jane Krakowski). Judge Clark: Marlo Thomas. Richard Sutton: Richard Easton. Gary DeVaal: Daniel Pearce. Nikki Sta (more…)

Thu Jan 29 2:00pm
Poison(Season 5, Episode 24) USA-E

The case of a mother suspected of trying to poison her adopted child leads to a clash between Novak and an arrogant judge (Tom Skerritt). Judge Clark: Marlo Thomas. Oliver Gates: Barry Bostwick. Karen Campbell: Cynthia Gibb. Wendy Campbell: Rebecca Luker (more…)

Thu Jan 29 3:00pm
Head(Season 5, Episode 25) USA-E

The fifth season ends with a bizarre pedophilia story involving a 12-year-old student (Jake Weary), his alcoholic mother (Diana Scarwid) and his principal (Stacy Edwards). Dr. Anne Morella: Julie White. Benson: Mariska Hargitay. Stabler: Christopher Melon (more…)

Thu Jan 29 4:00pm
Birthright(Season 6, Episode 1) USA-E

In the sixth-series opener, Lea Thompson plays a widow who claims to have found the daughter she believes was kidnapped four years earlier.

Thu Jan 29 5:00pm
Debt(Season 6, Episode 2) USA-E

After a 6-year-old girl and her baby sister are found abandoned in an apartment, the investigation leads to a crime ring involving illegal immigrants.

Thu Jan 29 6:00pm
Obscene(Season 6, Episode 3) USA-E

Dana Delany plays a crusader against smut on TV in a case that involves a radio shock jock and the rape of a teen star.

Thu Jan 29 7:00pm
Scavenger(Season 6, Episode 4) USA-E

Stabler and Benson try to find the person who kidnapped the mother of a baby left abandoned. Humphrey: Doug Hutchinson. Mrs. Becker: Anne Meara. Stabler: Christopher Meloni. Benson: Mariska Hargitay.

Thu Jan 29 8:00pm
Monster's Legacy(Season 14, Episode 13) USA-E

Benson discovers that a death-row inmate (Mike Tyson) was the victim of a sexual predator, so she asks Bayard Ellis to reopen the prisoner's murder case.

Thu Jan 29 9:00pm
Secrets Exhumed(Season 14, Episode 14) USA-E

An FBI agent digs up one of the squad's cold cases, which she believes is linked to other cases across the nation. However, Benson and Amaro aren't confident that she has the right suspect.

Thu Jan 29 10:00pm
Deadly Ambition(Season 14, Episode 15) USA-E

Rollins' sister makes a return visit, and this time she's battered and pregnant. When the situation escalates, Rollins resorts to dire actions, leading Internal Affairs to open up an investigation.

Fri Jan 30 1:00am
Criminal(Season 5, Episode 21) USA-E

A professor and an ex-con are among the suspects in a graduate student's murder.

Fri Jan 30 2:00am
Bad Blood(Season 1, Episode 11) USA-E

The investigation of a gay man's murder, following a party in his apartment building, involves an ex-con and his brother.

Fri Jan 30 3:00am
Russian Love Poem(Season 1, Episode 12) USA-E

The investigation of a multimillionaire's killing involves bisexual infidelities and a number of Russians. Katya: Nadine Stenovich. Christina Harlin: Deborah Rush. Adam Harlin: Christian Lincoln. Charles Poe: Russ Anderson. Alex: Olek Krupa. Stabler: Chris (more…)

Fri Jan 30 4:00am
Ridicule(Season 3, Episode 10) USA-E

The investigation of an apparently accidental death leads to charges by a male stripper that the deceased was one of three women who sexually assaulted him. Pam Adler: Paige Turco. Amelia Chase: Diane Neal. Peter Francis: Pete Starrett. Maddox: CCH Pounde (more…)

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