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Kick Buttowski Suburban Daredevil

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The adventures of a suburban kid who aspires to become the world's greatest daredevil.

Premiered: February 13, 2010

Rating: TV-Y7

User Rating:4.75 out of 5 (8 ratings)

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Thu Apr 2 4:30am
Pool Daze; Live-In Wade DISXD

A lifeguard makes Kick and friends stay in the kiddie pool, so Kick battles for their freedom; Wade moves in with Kick after his stepmom sends him packing.

Thu Apr 2 5:00am
Sold!; Faceplant! DISXD

Kick auctions his daredevil services to raise money to repair Gunther's broken clock; Kick competes on a TV game show and turns to an unlikely rival for help with the show's obstacle course.

Fri Apr 3 4:30am
Stumped Again; The Kick Stays in the Picture DISXD

Kick must choose between helping his idol in a monster-truck show or his best friend with a coming-of-age ritual; Kick competes to be the new face of a skateboard company in its ads.

Fri Apr 3 5:00am
Hand in Hand; Luigi Vendetta DISXD

Kick and Kendall get stuck together with a rare cave sap; Kick comes up with a plan to stop Brad's continual bullying.

Sat Apr 4 4:30am
Kart to Kart; Kyle 2.0 DISXD

Kick is banned from a local go-kart track after its owner sells the place; Kick spends time with his cousin in order to secure tickets to a dirt-bike competition.

Sat Apr 4 5:00am
You've Been Brad'd; Sleepover DISXD

Kick becomes the target for pranks on Brad's new Internet show; Kick and Gunther battle Brianna and her friends during a sleepover for control of the living room and the TV.

Sun Apr 5 4:30am
Gym Dandy; Detained DISXD

Kick tries out for some of the school's sports teams when dodgeball is banned from gym class; Kick is given detention by a new vice principal and teams up with some unlikely allies to get out of it.

Sun Apr 5 5:00am
Brad's Room; Dude, Where's My Wade? DISXD

Kick moves into Brad's room after his own is destroyed, and he's forced to follow his brother's ridiculous rules; Kick searches for Wade when he disappears shortly before a safety inspector is to arrive at the convenience store.

Mon Apr 6 4:30am
Sister Pact; Shh! DISXD

Kick helps Brianna audition for a prestigious girls club; Kick tries to catch an escaped animal in the library.

Mon Apr 6 5:00am
Sleepy River Wild; Power Play DISXD

Kick goes on a wild water adventure; Kick is cast as Ronaldo's understudy in "Romeo and Juliet" and takes extreme measures to ensure that he doesn't have to go on stage.

Tue Apr 7 4:30am
K-Nein; Bromance DISXD

Kick rescues a stray dog and then learns it's a safety animal that's trained to prevent accidents; Brad goes on a date with his dream girl.

Tue Apr 7 5:00am
Attic-a; Free Gunther DISXD

Gunther is grounded for destroying his dad's lawn, but Kick tries to gain his freedom.

Wed Apr 8 4:30am
Swap Meet; Bee Awesome DISXD

Kick tries to retrieve a lost gift he was entrusted with before it is sold at a swap meet; Kick participates in a regional spelling bee when Kendall comes down with food poisoning.

Wed Apr 8 5:00am
Poll Position; Jock Wilder's Nature Camp DISXD

Kendall runs for class president, but Kick tries to get Wacky Jackie elected instead; Kick and Gunther attend a nature camp and are paired with two extremely different counselors.

Thu Apr 9 4:30am
Trash Talk; Nerves of Steal DISXD

Kick is caught littering by two policemen and is assigned to pick up trash along a highway; Kick organizes a neighborhood watch after he is accused by neighbors of stealing.

Thu Apr 9 5:00am
Bad Car-Ma; Goodbye, Gully DISXD

Dad's prized car is towed and sold to a junk yard, so Kick must help him save it from a demolition derby; Gordie tries to impress his father by attempting to destroy Kick's favorite hangout.

Fri Apr 10 4:30am
Bad Table Manners; Petrified! DISXD

Kick and his dad compete against each other in a table-tennis match; Kick tells a scary story during a camping trip and then fears it may come true.

Fri Apr 10 5:00am
Bwar and Peace(Season 2, Episode 43) DISXD

Gunther is mistaken for an ancient Viking warrior when he visits the Old Country.

Sat Apr 11 4:30am
Brad's Diary; Sew What DISXD

Kick finds Brad's diary and is tempted to read it; Kick's grandma visits and makes him a new jumpsuit for his stunts, but he's embarrassed to wear it.

Sat Apr 11 5:00am
Say Cheese; Pinch Sitter DISXD

Kick, Brad and Brianna accidentally ruin their mom's favorite picture; Kick tries to get rid of a new babysitter.

Sun Apr 12 4:30am
Crumbs!; Stay Cool DISXD

Kick tries to keep his dad away from some homemade cookies; Kick and Brianna break dad's air conditioner on the hottest day of the summer, but Brad gets blamed for it.

Sun Apr 12 5:00am
Big Mouth; Last Fan Standing DISXD

Kick and Gunther become sidekicks to a scheming classmate after they seek his help to attend a live TV broadcast; two of Kick's fans compete to see which one is his biggest admirer, and they throw a celebration in honor of their hero's latest stunt.

Mon Apr 13 4:30am
Meathead Justice; Bwar-Mart DISXD

Kick saves the DiPazzi twins, but then he can't get rid of them when they want to repay him for his heroism; Kick and Gunther become trapped in a viking department store, and the store manager tries to make them employees for life.

Mon Apr 13 5:00am
Only the Loan-ly; Roll Reversal DISXD

Kick borrows money from his sister to buy an engine, but then finds it difficult to repay her; Kick disguises himself to compete in an all-girl roller derby league.

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