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The privileged lives of L.A.'s blended Kardashian-Jenner family are chronicled.

Premiered: October 14, 2007

Rating: TV-14

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Mon Feb 2 7:00am
Managing Mom(Season 1, Episode 2) ETV-E

Kim considers firing her mom as her manager. Meanwhile, Kris hires a nanny to help out at the house.

Mon Feb 2 7:30am
Brody in the House(Season 1, Episode 3) ETV-E

The sisters fly to Mexico to model swimwear.

Mon Feb 2 8:00am
Birthday Suit(Season 1, Episode 4) ETV-E

Kim poses for a Playboy photo shoot.

Mon Feb 2 8:30am
Mon Feb 2 9:00am
You Are So Pregnant Dude(Season 1, Episode 6) ETV-E

The ladies travel to Las Vegas; Kourtney receives the results of a pregnancy test.

Mon Feb 2 9:30am
Helping Hand(Season 1, Episode 7) ETV-E

The family takes in a homeless man.

Mon Feb 2 10:00am
The Price of Fame(Season 1, Episode 8) ETV-E

The family deals with a sex scandal.

Tue Feb 3 7:00am
Khloe Wants to Act(Season 2, Episode 3) ETV-E

Khloe pursues an acting career, much to Kim's dismay; Bruce receives a fashion makeover.

Tue Feb 3 7:30am
Kris the Cheerleader(Season 2, Episode 4) ETV-E

Kris attends tryouts to be a cheerleader; Kendall's sisters teach her about puberty.

Tue Feb 3 8:00am
Khloe's Blind Dates(Season 2, Episode 5) ETV-E

Khloe is set up on blind dates by her sisters; Kendall hires a handyman to help with chores.

Tue Feb 3 8:30am
Learning Self Defense(Season 2, Episode 6) ETV-E

The ladies learn the art of self-defense after a break-in at the shop; Rob drops out of college to become a model.

Tue Feb 3 9:00am
Kardashian Civil War(Season 2, Episode 7) ETV-E

Kim, Khloe and Kourtney get into a fight that threatens to permanently damage their relationships; Bruce feels he is out of touch with the modern generation.

Tue Feb 3 9:30am
Kardashian Family Vacation(Season 2, Episode 8) ETV-E

Kris insists the family take a vacation in Colorado in hopes of putting an end to some bickering, but the trip doesn't go exactly as planned.

Tue Feb 3 10:00am
Kim's Calendar for Reggie(Season 2, Episode 9) ETV-E

Kim explodes when she learns a sexy calendar she made for her boyfriend, Reggie Bush, is being made available to the general public; Bruce tries to inspire Khloe and Kourtney.

Tue Feb 3 10:30am
A New Perspective in New Orleans(Season 2, Episode 10) ETV-E

The sisters travel to New Orleans to attend a pool tournament sponsored by Reggie Bush and to visit devastated parts of the city hit by Hurricane Katrina.

Wed Feb 4 7:00am
Free Khloe(Season 3, Episode 1) ETV-E

Khloe gets a prison sentence for a parole violation, causing Kris to confront some unresolved issues concerning her late ex-husband.

Wed Feb 4 7:30am
Kourt's First Cover(Season 3, Episode 2) ETV-E

A cover-shoot fiasco leads to friction between Kourtney and Kris; Rob adjusts to living with his girlfriend.

Wed Feb 4 8:00am
I'd Rather Go Naked...Or Shopping(Season 3, Episode 3) ETV-E

Khloe agrees to do a nude campaign for PETA; Kim's out-of-control shopping habits cause concern among family members.

Wed Feb 4 8:30am
Pussycat Vision(Season 3, Episode 4) ETV-E

Kim needs eye surgery just before performing with the Pussycat Dolls; Bruce gets a colonoscopy.

Wed Feb 4 9:00am
All for One and One for Kim(Season 3, Episode 5) ETV-E

A secret business deal causes friction in the family; Kris searches for a common interest with Bruce.

Wed Feb 4 9:30am
Cinderella Story(Season 3, Episode 6) ETV-E

Khloe believes she is adopted, so she gets a DNA test; Rob's sisters confront him over his recent erratic behavior.

Wed Feb 4 10:00am
The Two Year Itch(Season 3, Episode 7) ETV-E

Kourtney accuses Scott of cheating; Khloe gets a biopsy to test for skin cancer.

Wed Feb 4 10:30am
Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder(Season 3, Episode 8) ETV-E

Khloe hosts a fashion show in New York City; Kim is faced with the difficult decision of choosing between her boyfriend and her career.

Wed Feb 4 11:00am
Leaving the Nest(Season 3, Episode 9) ETV-E

Khloe searches for an apartment in New York City; Kris' daughters get her a monkey to pacify her desire to have a baby.

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