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The adventures of a teen who produces popular Webcasts for kids and becomes an online celebrity.

Premiered: September 8, 2007

Rating: TV-G

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Thu Mar 5 5:00pm
iFind Lewbert's Lost Love(Season 2, Episode 31) NIK

Carly and her friends try to reunite Lewbert with his former fiancée. Elsewhere, Spencer looks forward to joining his building's anticrime group until he meets the person he's teamed up with.

Thu Mar 5 5:30pm
iRue the Day(Season 1, Episode 11) NIK

Carly is thrilled to book the Plain White T's for her show, but her rival Nevel plans to ruin the event. So Carly and her friends try to shut down Nevel's site, Nevelocity, before he can hack into their system.

Fri Mar 6 5:00pm
iBeat the Heat(Season 2, Episode 41) NIK

Carly and Spencer's loft gets crowded during a power outage because only Spencer has a special Norwegian air conditioner and generator.

Fri Mar 6 5:30pm
iWin a Date(Season 1, Episode 24) NIK

Carly tries to help a friend get a date with his crush by setting up a dating-game segment on the show. But when some of the contestants fail to appear, Carly steps in and finds herself in line to be the winner.

Mon Mar 9 5:00pm
iCarly Awards(Season 2, Episode 29) NIK

Carly and her friends give out awards in zany categories for the best user-generated content on their show. However, Spencer underestimates how many statuettes he needs to make, so he recruits swimsuit models to help him make some more.

Mon Mar 9 5:30pm
iSell Penny Tees(Season 3, Episode 4) NIK

Carly and her pals find success peddling T-shirts, and then they hire young kids to assist them. However, a disagreement erupts over how to treat their employees.

Tue Mar 10 5:00pm
iGet Pranky(Season 3, Episode 3) NIK

Carly gets Spencer to assist her in playing a prank on Sam and Freddie, and soon Spencer becomes addicted to pulling pranks.

Tue Mar 10 5:30pm
iKiss(Season 2, Episode 10) NIK

Sam overhears Freddie make a confession that he's never been kissed, and she reveals this secret on Carly's Web show. After Freddie is mocked at school because of this, a regretful Sam exposes a secret about herself.

Wed Mar 11 5:00pm
iMeet the First Lady(Season 4, Episode 10) NIK

First Lady Michelle Obama sees a Webcast of the gang hosting an online birthday party for Carly's dad, an Air Force colonel who's serving overseas, and she stops by to commend them for supporting the military.

Wed Mar 11 5:30pm
iSam's Mom(Season 3, Episode 2) NIK

Sam crashes at Carly's after she has a huge blowup with her mother (Jane Lynch), but she proves to be a difficult houseguest. Meanwhile, Freddie regrets videotaping a dangerous criminal in the act.

Thu Mar 12 5:00pm
iPity the Nevel(Season 3, Episode 9) NIK

A video of Nevel berating a child goes viral and ruins his image, so he asks Carly and her pals for help in restoring his reputation. Meanwhile, Freddie must deal with unexpectedly popularity resulting from his portrayal of a vampire.

Thu Mar 12 5:30pm
iToe Fat Cakes(Season 4, Episode 11) NIK

Carly's toe gets stuck in the bathtub while she's getting ready for a date. Elsewhere, Sam and her pals get held at the Canadian border when she attempts to smuggle snack foods into the country.

Fri Mar 13 5:00pm
iReunite With Missy(Season 2, Episode 20) NIK

Carly's old pal Missy moves back to town, causing a jealous Sam to worry that she's being replaced. Elsewhere, a young neighbor finds Spencer trapped in the basement and refuses to rescue him.

Fri Mar 13 5:30pm
iHire an Idiot(Season 3, Episode 8) NIK

Carly and Sam hire an attractive male intern who winds up being bad at his job, so Freddie tries to convince them to fire the new guy.

Mon Mar 16 5:00pm
iBalls(Season 4, Episode 9) NIK

Freddie makes a breakthrough with 3-D technology, but it has a bad side effect: It leads to vision problems for viewers.

Mon Mar 16 5:30pm
iFind Spencer Friends(Season 5, Episode 10) NIK

Carly and her pals want Spencer to make some new friends who are the same age as him, and they find some potential candidates.

Tue Mar 17 4:00pm
iCarly NIK

The adventures of a teen who produces popular Webcasts for kids and becomes an online celebrity.

Wed Mar 18 4:00pm
iCarly NIK

The adventures of a teen who produces popular Webcasts for kids and becomes an online celebrity.

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