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A series that shows how familiar objects used in everyday life are made.

Premiered: January 6, 2001

Rating: TV-G

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Sat Jan 31 3:00am
Pressure Cookers, Mechanical Singing Birds, Buoys, Tank Trailers(Season 13, Episode 7) SCI

Pressure cookers; oceanographic buoys; mechanical singing birds; stainless-steel tank trailers.

Sat Jan 31 3:30am
Heated Skate Blades, Gliders, Hand Bells, Fire Hoses(Season 11, Episode 11) SCI

Gliders; handbells; fire hoses; heated skate blades.

Sat Jan 31 4:00am
Stuffed Olives, Astrolabes, Western Saddles(Season 14, Episode 7) SCI

Astrolabes; Western saddles; stuffed olives.

Sat Jan 31 4:30am
Anatomical Models, Jukeboxes, Tortilla Chips, Spark Plugs(Season 11, Episode 2) SCI

Jukeboxes; tortilla chips; spark plugs; anatomical models.

Sat Jan 31 5:00am
Olive Oil, Lift Trucks, Seamless Rolled Rings, Ski Boots(Season 13, Episode 12) SCI

Lift trucks; ski boots; olive oil; seamless rolled rings.

Sat Jan 31 5:30am
Binoculars, Sparklers, Rubber Boots, Circular Saw Blades(Season 11, Episode 1) SCI

Sparklers; rubber boots; binoculars; circular-saw blades.

Sat Jan 31 6:00am
How It's Made SCI

A series that shows how familiar objects used in everyday life are made.

Sat Jan 31 6:30am
Compact Discs, Mozzarella Cheese, Pantyhose, Fluorescent Tubes(Season 1, Episode 2) SCI

Included: compact discs; mozzarella cheese; panty hose; the fluorescent tube.

Sat Jan 31 7:00am
Toothpicks, Acrylic Bathtubs, Helicopters, Beer(Season 1, Episode 3) SCI

Included: toothpicks; acrylic bathtubs; helicopters; beer.

Sat Jan 31 7:30am
Hearing Aids, 3-D Puzzles, Rubber Mats, Toilets(Season 1, Episode 4) SCI

Included: hearing aids; 3-D puzzles; rubber mats; toilets.

Sat Jan 31 8:00am
Copy Paper, Jeans, Computers, Plate Glass(Season 1, Episode 5) SCI

Included: copy paper; jeans; computers; plate glass.

Sat Jan 31 8:30am
Nails & Staples, Safety Glasses, Fabrics, Bicycles(Season 1, Episode 6) SCI

Included: nails and staples; safety glasses; fabrics; bicycles.

Sat Jan 31 9:00am
Kayaks, Safety Boots, Electronic Signs, Cereals(Season 1, Episode 7) SCI

Included: kayaks; safety boots; electronic signs; cereal.

Sat Jan 31 9:30am
Trucks, Adhesive Bandages, Computer Circuit Boards, Liquors(Season 1, Episode 8) SCI

Included: trucks; adhesive bandages; computer circuit boards; liquor.

Sat Jan 31 10:00am
Steel, Apple Juice, Aircraft Landing Gear, Cosmetics(Season 1, Episode 9) SCI

Included: steel; apple juice; aircraft landing gear; cosmetics.

Sat Jan 31 10:30am
Holograms, Package Printing, Skin Culture, Canned Corn(Season 1, Episode 10) SCI

Included: holograms; package printing; skin cultures; canned corn.

Sat Jan 31 11:00am
Plastic Bags, Solar Panels, Plastic Gasoline Containers, Hockey Sticks(Season 1, Episode 11) SCI

Included: plastic bags; solar panels; plastic gasoline containers; hockey sticks.

Sat Jan 31 11:30am
Aluminum Screw Caps, Chocolate, Pills, Pasta(Season 1, Episode 12) SCI

Included: aluminum screw caps; chocolate; pills; pasta.

Sat Jan 31 12:00pm
How It's Made SCI

A look at how pro footballs are made. Also: beers; helmets; and mascots.

Sat Jan 31 12:30pm
Eyeglass Lenses, Granite, Salty Chips, Microprocessors(Season 2, Episode 1) SCI

Included: eyeglass lenses; granite; potato chips; microprocessors.

Sat Jan 31 1:00pm
Honey, Fiber Optics, Bricks, Pipe Organs(Season 2, Episode 2) SCI

Honey; fiber optics; bricks; pipe organs.

Sat Jan 31 1:30pm
Personal Watercrafts, Ice Skates, Wine, Office Furniture(Season 2, Episode 3) SCI

Included: personal watercrafts; wine; office furniture; ice skates.

Sat Jan 31 2:00pm
Winter Jackets, Animation, Mushrooms, Gold Rings(Season 2, Episode 4) SCI

Winter jackets; animation; mushrooms; gold rings.

Sat Jan 31 2:30pm
Hydroponic Lettuce, Construction Wood, Fishing Flies(Season 2, Episode 5) SCI

Hydroponic lettuce; construction wood; recycling; fishing flies.

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