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A series that shows how familiar objects used in everyday life are made.

Premiered: January 6, 2001

Rating: TV-G

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Sun Mar 1 3:00am
External Hard Drives; Frozen Shrimp; Thai Rice Boxes; Paper Towels(Season 21, Episode 4) SCI

External hard drives, frozen shrimp, Thai rice boxes and paper towels are spotlighted.

Sun Mar 1 3:30am
Fishing Reels, Miniature Houses, Kitchen Mixers(Season 8, Episode 6) SCI

Fishing reels; miniature houses; kitchen mixers.

Sun Mar 1 4:30am
Kitchen Accessories, Vacuums, Paper Mache, Hydraulic Cylinders(Season 16, Episode 8) SCI

Vacuums; kitchen accessories; paper m√Ęche; hydraulic cylinders.

Sun Mar 1 5:00am
Indy Car Seats; Paper Flowers; Stand-by Generators(Season 21, Episode 9) SCI

Indy seating pods; paper flowers; alternators.

Sun Mar 1 5:30am
Custom Steering Wheels, Aerospace Fuel Lines, Apple Pies, Household Radiators(Season 17, Episode 8) SCI

Apple pie; paper towels; domestic radiators; custom steering wheels.

Sun Mar 1 6:00am
Digital Dentistry, Nail Clippers, Poster Restoration, Canola Oil(Season 16, Episode 10) SCI

Canola oil; digital dentistry; nail clippers; poster restoration.

Sun Mar 1 6:30am
Lace; Antique Frame Replicas; Orchids; Unicycle Wheel Hubs(Season 21, Episode 3) SCI

Included: lace; antique-frame replicas; orchids; unicycle wheel hubs.

Sun Mar 1 7:00am
Dial Thermometers, Hummus, Fuel Containers, Sombreros(Season 16, Episode 11) SCI

Hummus; fuel containers; sombreros; dial thermometers.

Sun Mar 1 7:30am
Powder Horns; Handcrafted Molds; Pierogies; Inner Tubes(Season 21, Episode 2) SCI

Included: powder horns; handcrafted molds; pierogies; and inner tubes.

Sun Mar 1 8:00am
Paving Asphalt, Marshmallow Cookies, Loudspeakers, Electronic Door Locks(Season 5, Episode 1) SCI

Paving asphalt; marshmallow cookies; loudspeakers; electronic door locks.

Sun Mar 1 8:30am
Hospital Laundry; Brass Instrument Restoration; Horse Replicas; Excavation(Season 23, Episode 5) SCI

Hospital laundry; brass-instrument restoration; horse replicas; excavation.

Sun Mar 1 9:00am
Headphones, Diving Regulators, Reflector Light Bulbs(Season 14, Episode 9) SCI

Diving regulators; headphones; reflector lightbulbs.

Sun Mar 1 9:30am
Audio Tubes, Shredders, Model Aircraft, Snare Drums(Season 16, Episode 7) SCI

Shredders; snare drums; model aircraft; audio vacuum tubes.

Sun Mar 1 10:00am
Cookware, Inlaid Boxes, Water Heaters(Season 13, Episode 13) SCI

Scooters; professional cookware; inlaid boxes; high-efficiency water heaters.

Sun Mar 1 10:30am
Liquor Jugs, Deli Meats, NASCAR Engines(Season 16, Episode 9) SCI

Deli meats; NASCAR engines; liquor jugs.

Sun Mar 1 11:00am
Upright Pianos, Flags, Wet/Dry Vacs, Medieval Axes(Season 24, Episode 3) SCI

Upright pianos; flags, wet-dry vacs; medieval axes.

Sun Mar 1 11:30am
Cheese Graters, Hot Sauce, Silver Jewelry, Traditional Mexican Chairs(Season 17, Episode 2) SCI

Hot sauce; silver jewelry; cheese graters; traditional Mexican chairs.

Sun Mar 1 12:00pm
Skeletal Replicas, Ice Buckets & Servers, Dining Chairs, Inground Pools(Season 24, Episode 4) SCI

Skeletal replicas; ice buckets and servers; dining chairs; inground pools.

Sun Mar 1 12:30pm
Sawhorses and Toolboxes, Sorbet Pops, School Buses(Season 22, Episode 6) SCI

Sawhorses and toolboxes; sorbet pops; school buses.

Sun Mar 1 1:00pm
Wax Figures, Awnings, Sandwich Crackers, Pewter Tankards(Season 18, Episode 5) SCI

Awnings; sandwich crackers; wax figures; pewter tankards.

Sun Mar 1 1:30pm
Indy Steering Wheels; Mixed Salad; Wind Turbines(Season 22, Episode 3) SCI

Indy steering wheels; mixed salad; wind turbines.

Sun Mar 1 2:00pm
Wood Windows, Woven Cashmere, Plastic Recyclers, and Architectural Glass(Season 24, Episode 8) SCI

Wood windows; woven cashmere fabric; plastic recycling machines; architectural glass.

Sun Mar 1 2:30pm
Pressed Glass; Pickup Truck Caps; Alpaca Yarn; Utility Knives(Season 22, Episode 8) SCI

Pressed glass; pickup-truck caps; alpaca yarn; utility knives.

Sun Mar 1 3:00pm
Railway Bridge Ties; Membrane Filters; Hydraulic Post Drivers; Bi-Planes(Season 23, Episode 4) SCI

Railway bridge ties; membrane filters; hydraulic post drivers; biplanes.

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