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Doc McStuffins

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A 6-year-old girl communicates with and heals stuffed animals and toys in her backyard clinic.

Premiered: March 17, 2012

Rating: TV-Y

User Rating:3.64 out of 5 (22 ratings)

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Tue Mar 31 10:00am
Getting to the Heart of Things; Toy in the Sun DISNEY

A coaching toy gets a whistle valve repaired; a plastic toy gets discolored when it's left in the sun too long.

Wed Apr 1 10:00am
Dad's Favorite Toy; Chilly and the Dude DISNEY

Doc finds her dad's favorite toy and helps get it back into working condition; Doc meets a charismatic snowman who looks a lot like Chilly.

Thu Apr 2 10:00am
The Rip Heard Round the World; Walkie Talkie Time DISNEY

Doc accidentally rips a hole in Lambie's fur; Doc helps a toy walkie talkie locate its missing antenna.

Sun Apr 5 7:00am
Doc to the Rescue; Don't Knock the Noggin DISNEY

Dress-Up Daisy gets stuck in a tree after a parachuting accident; Super Stuntman Stan learns the importance of wearing a helmet when riding a motorcycle.

Mon Apr 6 9:30am
Un-bur-able; Righty-on-Lefty DISNEY

Stuffy gets burs stuck to his fur while playing outside; a superhero toy experiences leg problems.

Mon Apr 6 10:00am
A Good Case of the Hiccups; Stuck Up DISNEY

Doc treats a toy microphone that has hiccups; Doc cleans sand out of a toy tractor.

Mon Apr 6 1:00pm
Big Head Hallie; Peaches Pie, Take a Bath! DISNEY

Hallie becomes arrogant when her toy gets its own TV show; Alma's new doll Peaches Pie gets dragged through the mud, so Doc prescribes a warm bath to clean her up.

Mon Apr 6 1:30pm
Blame It on the Rain; Busted Boomer DISNEY

A stuffed cow gets wet when it is left out in the rain; Doc treats a deflated soccer ball.

Tue Apr 7 9:30am
A Fairy Big Knot; Rosie the Rescuer DISNEY

Frida Fairy Flier's strings get tangled; Rosie panics when she's called to a real accident.

Tue Apr 7 10:00am
Take Your Doc to Work Day; Blazer's Bike DISNEY

Doc spends the day at her mom's office and meets a toy in need; Doc suggests a new helmet for a toy that keeps crashing a rocket bike.

Tue Apr 7 1:00pm
Hazel Has a Sleepover; My Breakfast With Bronty DISNEY

Hazel the elephant, a new water toy, is embarrassed to attend a sleepover because she leaks water at night; Bronty disobeys Doc and gets hurt.

Tue Apr 7 1:30pm
Diagnosis Not Even Close-Is; Bronty's Twisted Tail DISNEY

Hallie and Stuffy examine Robot Ray by themselves, but they come up with two different diagnoses and need Doc's help to find out what is really wrong with him; Bronty's tail becomes twisted.

Wed Apr 8 9:30am
Caught Blue-Handed; To Squeak, or Not to Squeak DISNEY

A toy monster inadvertently spreads a rash; a toy duck loses its voice after its squeaker pops out.

Wed Apr 8 10:00am
Doctoring the Doc; Hot Pursuit DISNEY

Doc gets the flu and is cared for by the toys; a toy police car loses energy after being in the hot sun all day.

Wed Apr 8 1:00pm
L'il Egghead Feels the Heat; The Doctor Will See You Now DISNEY

Donny leaves an electronic quiz machine out in the sun too long; Doc goes for a wellness visit and reconnects with some old toy friends.

Wed Apr 8 1:30pm
The Wicked King and the Mean Queen; Take a Stroll! DISNEY

The Wicked King and the Mean Queen compete in a race; Doc encourages a baby doll toy to get up and move instead of being pushed in a stroller.

Thu Apr 9 9:30am
The Dark Knight; Hallie Gets an Earful DISNEY

Doc helps a toy overcome a fear of the dark; Doc conducts a hearing test.

Thu Apr 9 10:00am
Doc McStuffins Goes McMobile; Chip Off the Ol' Box DISNEY

Doc and her dad build a mobile clinic so she can fix toys when she is away from home; Little Jack gets nervous about performing by himself at a birthday party.

Thu Apr 9 1:00pm
Getting to the Heart of Things; Toy in the Sun DISNEY

A coaching toy gets a whistle valve repaired; a plastic toy gets discolored when it's left in the sun too long.

Thu Apr 9 1:30pm
The Big Storm; Spritzy Mitzi DISNEY

Doc evacuates the toys from the clinic when a big storm approaches; Doc's octopus sprinkler ignores some small holes in her hose that then turn into one huge hole.

Fri Apr 10 9:30am
Celestial Celeste; Run Doc Run! DISNEY

Doc brings home a space toy from school to help with her solar system project; Doc sprains her ankle and learns the importance of getting adequate rest following an injury.

Fri Apr 10 10:00am
Mirror, Mirror On My Penguin; Hide And Eek! DISNEY

Doc care for a penguin; Donny and Alma pretend to be mad scientists and create a toy monster that frightens the other toys.

Fri Apr 10 1:00pm
Get Set to Get Wet; Loud Louie DISNEY

Doc teaches a toy mermaid how to swim; Doc shows her toy cell phone how to use an inside voice.

Fri Apr 10 1:30pm
Awesome Possum; The Bunny Blues DISNEY

Doc searches for a stuffed possum's three missing babies; Doc treats a stuffed bunny when its nose falls off.

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