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Political satire is on tap at a Washington, D.C., bar attended by puppets who resemble politicians and other celebrities. Fred Willard, who plays the bartender, is the only human (aside from guest stars) on the series. The puppets are the creations of Sid (more…)

Premiered: April 11, 1987

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The Contras Help Out on Ollie North's Telethon Season 2, Episode 20 Jan 26, 1989 $1.99

Spielberg is living proof that once a director...always a director when Fred asks him to take a snapshot for him. Hollywood's top names toast Yassir for being the hardest working man in terrorism. Contrary to popular belief, Dan believes he makes a difference after his guardian angel shows him how it would've been without him. Could Ron's venture into a political puppet show confuse him as to whom Nancy really is? As a thanks for defending the Iranian Way, the contras help out Ollie's telethon. Nancy and Ron think about what they can get from Bush in exchange for "the football." Yassir contemplates taking Kissinger hostage after Yassir loses on the $50,000 question.

Political Love Connection Profiles Arafat and Joan River's Dream Date Season 2, Episode 19 Jan 19, 1989 $1.99

While visiting D.C. Follies, Yackov Smirnoff makes amends with Gorbi and they perform a segment from the "Yaki and Miki Show." The ex-presidents reminisce "how it used to be" during a chauffeured trip by Fred to see Nixon accept an award. Political Love Connection shares the inside story of Arafat's and Joan River's dream date. Due to budget problems, Bush is forced to inform Barbara that they will not be able to afford her eating habits any longer. The Ayatollah and Yassir land a segment on the TBS...Terrorist Broadcasting System.

Dolly Parton gives Makeup Tips to Barbara Bush Season 2, Episode 18 Jan 12, 1989 $1.99

Ford's plan to go back to school to play football comes to an end when his agent, Nixon, is caught with foul play. Dolly's make-up tips for Barbara Bush cause George's eyes to pop out. Nixon tells Quayle horror stories of how the presidency used to be. Cable finally becomes all that it can be with the creation of the Elvis Channel. International Relations may fall into the hands of God when Quayle appoints the wrong Jim Bakker as Secretary of State. Weird Al drops in to return Fred's accordion so that he can once again sleep at night. Bush turns to Mr. Rogers for a lesson on how to be an educational president. Like everything else, Nixon's concept of three wishes is distorted. Even soup can't ease Charles' and Di's marital problems.

Nixon Has Romantic Fantasies About Bo Derek Season 2, Episode 17 Jan 5, 1989 $1.99

Nixon fantasizes a romantic weekend on the Riviera with Bo Derek, when in actuality he robbed her hotel room. Arafat has solved the problem of having to decide where to live by making his car a mobile home. Decorating the White House has been made easy for Barbara Bush since the Reagans took everything...except the ghost of Lincoln. Unable to comprehend the importance of his job, Quayle continues to search for a job. During the first social gathering between the Bushes and Gorbachevs, Mikhail takes a liking to Barbara's "wholesome" figure. Whoopi and Geraldo discover the advantages of a video newsstand. Nixon reveals how he inspired the movie "10."