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Real-life officers are followed by a camera crew, cinéma-vérité style, in a gritty up-close look at police work and the consequences of crime. The result: one of Fox's longest-running series (it premiered in March 1989). It also spawned a number of poli (more…)

Premiered: March 11, 1989

Rating: TV-PG

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Fri Jan 30 3:00pm
Indianapolis(Season 12, Episode 16) SPIKE

Indianapolis officers chase a motorcyclist driving recklessly; arrest suspected prostitution “johns”; question an inebriated man alleged to have left a toddler unattended; intervene in a domestic dispute, where a female suspect allegedly assaults an of (more…)

Fri Jan 30 3:30pm
Coast to Coast(Season 16, Episode 24) SPIKE

A pursuit of a drug suspect riding a bicycle; a call about a loose rottweiler, found restrained by a man sitting on it.

Fri Jan 30 4:00pm
Jacksonville(Season 13, Episode 14) SPIKE

In Jacksonville, an officer sees a man assault a woman; two suspects are stopped after an alleged drug buy from an undercover officer; a man claims his girlfriend's father damaged his property when he threw it into the street.

Fri Jan 30 5:00pm
Coast to Coast(Season 17, Episode 6) SPIKE

The driver of a suspected stolen vehicle charges at a cop while a passenger flees; a wedding-chapel owner claims a threat of harm from a competitor.

Fri Jan 30 5:30pm
Coast to Coast(Season 19, Episode 26) SPIKE

Cincinnati officers inspect a vehicle and find a weapon; a Las Vegas officer pulls over a bikini-clad woman.

Fri Jan 30 6:00pm
Seattle/Tacoma AMW Crossover Special Edition(Season 13, Episode 8) SPIKE

“America's Most Wanted” host John Walsh rides with police in Tacoma, Wash., who chase a meth lab on wheels, which crashes and hazardous materials cover the driver, who must be hosed down by a fire engine.

Fri Jan 30 7:00pm
Coast to Coast(Season 16, Episode 25) SPIKE

A taser gun is used on a resisting suspect; domestic calls include destruction of property and claims of assault, one with a knife.

Fri Jan 30 7:30pm
Seattle/Tacoma(Season 13, Episode 9) SPIKE

In Seattle/Tacoma, a suspect driving a stolen truck has several collisions before he's stopped; abandoned sandals help ID a suspect who's crashed his truck into a fence. Also: a domestic dispute involving an alleged theft involving two roommates.

Fri Jan 30 8:00pm
Coast to Coast(Season 19, Episode 13) SPIKE

A Fontana, Cal., officer gets into a high-speed chase with a motorcyclist; a Brevard County, Fla., sheriff detects marijuana use during a traffic stop.

Fri Jan 30 8:30pm
Coast to Coast(Season 19, Episode 1) SPIKE

A Palm Beach County, Fla., deputy subdues a suspect with a stun gun to end a foot chase; a Palm Springs, Cal., officer finds drugs on a bicyclist.

Fri Jan 30 9:00pm
Stupid Criminals(Season 20, Episode 30) SPIKE

In a "Stupid Criminals" edition, Portland, Ore., cops find a large amount of ecstasy---and confused occupants---in a car they pull over; Las Vegas cops chase a stabbing suspect to a laundry room---and find their prey in a dryer; and in Sacramento, officers (more…)

Fri Jan 30 9:30pm
Domestic Disturbances(Season 22, Episode 3) SPIKE

Police are called to the scene of a garage break-in at an empty residence in San Bernardino County, Cal.; officers break up a dispute between brothers in Palm Beach County, Fla.

Fri Jan 30 10:00pm
Wild and Crazy #2(Season 25, Episode 7) SPIKE

A Las Vegas woman refuses to pay taxi fare; police in Portland, Ore., investigate a knife fight; a tourist chases after a man who allegedly stole his gold necklace in Broward County, Fla.

Fri Jan 30 10:30pm
750th Episode Milestone(Season 21, Episode 22) SPIKE

A driver in Sacramento passes off illegal substances to a passenger; police in a helicopter in King County, Wash., search for a suspect who allegedly threatened to kill his girlfriend; and officers in Florida question suspects caught siphoning gas from a c (more…)

Fri Jan 30 11:30pm
Coast to Coast SPIKE

A car chase; a gun battle with a man on PCP; a suicide threat; a deputy's night on duty at a jail in San Diego; officers in Las Vegas.

Sat Jan 31 12:00am
Jacksonville(Season 13, Episode 5) SPIKE

Jacksonville officers question a witness whose vehicle was rammed by robbery suspects; arrest an armed-robbery suspect; investigate a report of counterfeit jewelry being sold by a disabled man.

Sat Jan 31 12:00pm
Coast to Coast(Season 18, Episode 10) SPIKE

An undercover drug sting; a domestic dispute.

Sat Jan 31 12:30pm
Coast to Coast(Season 16, Episode 26) SPIKE

A taser is used on a man interfering with efforts to halt two fighting females; the smell of pot is detected around a car that ran a stop sign.

Sat Jan 31 1:00pm
Stupid Criminals: Special Edition(Season 16, Episode 20) SPIKE

“Stupid Criminals” include an inebriated suspect who allegedly assaulted a cashier because he wasn't allowed to buy beer; and a dispute between neighbors over dirt on a driveway.

Sat Jan 31 1:30pm
Seattle/Tacoma(Season 13, Episode 10) SPIKE

Seattle/Tacoma officers investigate a report of a theft from a vehicle; question a suspicious man and find sterile syringes in his pocket; and locate a suspect who had fled from another unit.

Sat Jan 31 2:00pm
Coast to Coast SPIKE

A car chase; a gun battle with a man on PCP; a suicide threat; a deputy's night on duty at a jail in San Diego; officers in Las Vegas.

Sat Jan 31 3:00pm
Coast to Coast(Season 18, Episode 10) SPIKE

An undercover drug sting; a domestic dispute.

Sat Jan 31 3:30pm
Coast to Coast(Season 18, Episode 17) SPIKE

Gwinnett County, Ga., police use a Taser to stabilize a crime scene; and Las Vegas cops respond to a father-son dispute in which each accuses the other of having started the commotion.

Sat Jan 31 4:30pm
Coast to Coast(Season 19, Episode 19) SPIKE

A Cincinnati officer chases a suspect on foot; a Brevard County, Fla., deputy discovers pot and pills in a teen's car.

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