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POW! The Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder fight crime in Gotham City in this campy version of Bob Kane's comic strip that first appeared in 1939. The series aired twice a week and quickly achieved gangbuster ratings, but---holy novelty!---the ratings nose (more…)

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Sun Mar 29 6:00am
Tut's Case Is Shut(Season 2, Episode 8) IFC

Conclusion. King Tut enslaves Chief O'Hara (Stafford Repp). Batman: Adam West. Robin: Burt Ward. Cleo: Marianna Hill.

Sun Mar 29 6:33am
The Greatest Mother of Them All(Season 2, Episode 9) IFC

Part 1. Ma Parker and her criminal brood invade Gotham. Batman: Adam West. Pretty Boy: Robert Biheller. Robin: Burt Ward. Warden: David Lewis.

Sun Mar 29 7:06am
Ma Parker(Season 2, Episode 10) IFC

Conclusion. Ma Parker and her gang take over a prison. Ma: Shelley Winters. Warden: David Lewis. Batman: Adam West. Robin: Burt Ward. Pretty Boy: Robert Biheller.

Sun Mar 29 7:39am
The Clock King's Crazy Crimes(Season 2, Episode 11) IFC

Part 1. The Dynamic Duo trail the Clock King, a specialist in prime-time crimes. Batman: Adam West. Robin: Burt Ward. Benson: Ivan Triesault.

Sun Mar 29 8:12am
The Clock King Gets Crowned(Season 2, Episode 12) IFC

Conclusion. The Clock King invades Wayne Manor. Batman: Adam West. Millie: Eileen O'Neill. Robin: Burt Ward.

Sun Mar 29 8:45am
An Egg Grows in Gotham(Season 2, Episode 13) IFC

Part 1. Egghead has hatched a plot to take over Gotham. Egghead: Vincent Price. Chicken: Edward Everett Horton. Batman: Adam West. Robin: Burt Ward.

Sun Mar 29 9:18am
The Yegg Foes in Gotham(Season 2, Episode 14) IFC

Conclusion. Egghead banishes the Dynamic Duo from Gotham City. Egghead: Vincent Price. Chicken: Edward Everett Horton. Miss Bacon: Gail Hire.

Sun Mar 29 9:51am
The Devil's Fingers(Season 2, Episode 15) IFC

Part 1. The evil Chandell (Liberace) makes mischief while Batman is on vacation. Batman: Adam West. Doe: Marilyn Hanold. Robin: Burt Ward. Rae: Edy Williams.

Sun Mar 29 10:24am
The Dead Ringers(Season 2, Episode 16) IFC

Conclusion. The evil Chandell is wooing Aunt Harriet (Madge Blake). Batman: Adam West. Slye: James Millhollin. Robin: Burt Ward. Gordon: Neil Hamilton.

Sun Mar 29 10:57am
Hizzonner the Penguin(Season 2, Episode 17) IFC

Part 1. The Penguin campaigns for the office of mayor. Batman: Adam West. Rooper: Woodrow Parfey.

Sat Apr 4 9:00am
Dizzoner the Penguin(Season 2, Episode 18) IFC

Conclusion. The Penguin (Burgess Meredith) conducts a foul campaign for mayor. Batman: Adam West. Mayor: Byron Keith. Robin: Burt Ward. Gordon: Neil Hamilton.

Sat Apr 4 9:33am
Green Ice(Season 2, Episode 19) IFC

Part 1. director Otto Preminger as cold-blooded Mr. Freeze. Batman: Adam West. Robin: Burt Ward. Mayor: Byron Keith.

Sat Apr 4 10:06am
Deep Freeze(Season 2, Episode 20) IFC

Conclusion. Mr. Freeze threatens to put Gotham on ice unless the mayor pays him one billion dollars. Mayor: Byron Keith. Batman: Adam West.

Sat Apr 4 10:39am
The Impractical Joker; The Joker's Provokers IFC

The Joker plans to steal the jeweled Key of Kincardine. Cornelia: Kathy Kersh. Latch: Louis Quinn. Batman: Adam West. Robin: Burt Ward.

Sat Apr 4 11:12am
The Joker's Provokers(Season 2, Episode 22) IFC

Conclusion. The Joker threatens Gotham City. Batman: Adam West. Cornelia: Kathy Kersh. Robin: Burt Ward. Latch: Louis Quinn.

Sun Apr 5 10:00am
Marsha, Queen of Diamonds(Season 2, Episode 23) IFC

Part 1. Marsha, the Queen of Diamonds, goes after the Batjewels. Marsha: Carolyn Jones. Mogul: Woody Strode. Batman: Adam West. Aunt Hilda: Estelle Winwood.

Sun Apr 5 10:33am
Marsha's Scheme with Diamonds(Season 2, Episode 24) IFC

Conclusion. A witch helps villainous Marsha (Carolyn Jones) subdue Batman (Adam West). Mogul: Woody Strode. Robin: Burt Ward. Alfred: Alan Napier.

Sun Apr 5 11:06am
Come Back Shame(Season 2, Episode 25) IFC

Part 1. Batman goes after a car rustler (Cliff Robertson). Hot Rod Harry: Jack Carter. Annie: Joan Staley. Robin: Burt Ward.

Sun Apr 5 11:39am
It's How You Play the Game(Season 2, Episode 26) IFC

Conclusion. The sinister Shame is looking for a super-fast truck. Harry: Jack Carter. Batman: Adam West. Robin: Burt Ward. Annie: Joan Staley.

Sun Apr 5 12:12pm
The Penguin's Nest(Season 2, Episode 27) IFC

Part 1. The Penguin is feathering his nest with forged checks. Batman: Adam West. Robin: Burt Ward. Chickadee: Grace Gaynor. Cordy: Lane Bradford.

Sat Apr 11 8:30am
The Bird's Last Jest(Season 2, Episode 28) IFC

Conclusion. Batman's butler joins the Penguin's flock. Penguin: Burgess Meredith. Batman: Adam West.

Sat Apr 11 9:03am
The Cat's Meow(Season 2, Episode 29) IFC

Part 1. The Catwoman attacks the world of rock 'n' roll. Benton: Joe Flynn. Batman: Adam West. Robin: Burt Ward.

Sat Apr 11 9:36am
The Bat's Kow Tow(Season 2, Episode 30) IFC

Conclusion. The British economy trembles when the Catwoman demands millions for the return of Chad's and Jeremy's voices. Chad and Jeremy: Themselves. Catwoman: Julie Newmar. Batman: Adam West.

Sat Apr 11 10:09am
The Puzzles Are Coming(Season 2, Episode 31) IFC

Part 1. The Puzzler plots to steal a jet plane. Puzzler: Maurice Evans. Batman: Adam West. Rocket: Barbara Stuart.

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