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Wed Jul 8 4:50am
American Hustle STARZ

A con man and his alluring partner are recruited by an FBI agent to infiltrate the treacherous world where New Jersey's politics and the mob intersect. In time, their operation draws in a high-level politician and his volatile wife.

Sat Jul 11 2:30pm
X-Men: First Class FX

Prof. Charles Xavier and Magneto assemble a team of superpowered mutants in order to save mankind from nuclear annihilation in this comic-book prequel, which depicts the formation of the X-Men and the origins of Xavier and Magneto's ideological rivalry.

Sat Jul 11 6:30pm
The Hunger Games ABCFAM

Katniss volunteers to participate in a competition instead of her younger sister. Known as "Hunger Games," the competition includes 24 teenagers who fight to death literally. This is broadcast across the nation as a means to entertain the masses and ensure (more…)

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