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Tue Jul 7 1:30am
Family GuyFresh Heir(Season 12, Episode 14) TOON

Chris discovers that he's heir to the Carter fortune, but decides he does not want the money, so Peter goes to extreme lengths to ensure that it stays in the family.

Tue Jul 7 2:00am
Family GuySecondhand Spoke(Season 12, Episode 15) TOON

After Peter begins smoking, an advertising exec enlists him to be the face of his anti-smoking campaign, under one condition: Peter can't give up the habit. Meanwhile, Stewie steps in to help Chris battle school bullies.

Tue Jul 7 2:30pm
Family GuyLivin' on a Prayer(Season 10, Episode 12) TBS

Lois takes Stewie's sick new best friend to the hospital—and learns that he has a treatable cancer. But his parents won't allow treatment on religious grounds, and Lois is aghast (to put it mildly). Meanwhile, Peter has a religious experience of his own (more…)

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