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Mon Jun 29 11:30am
Aliens ENCRe

Ripley awakens 57 years later in this sequel to 1979's "Alien," returning to the space colony where she first encountered a hideous, reptilian creature.

Wed Jul 1 4:40am
Eyewitness HBO2

William Hurt is a janitor who stumbles across a murder. Sigourney Weaver, Christopher Plummer, James Woods. Mrs. Sokolow: Irene Worth. Deever: Kenneth McMillan. Linda: Pamela Reed. Sokolow: Albert Paulsen. Directed by Peter Yates.

Thu Jul 2 8:00pm
Avatar FX

A paraplegic ex-marine war veteran is unwillingly sent to establish a human settlement on the distant planet of Pandora, only to find himself battling humankind alongside the planet's indigenous Na'vi race in this ambitious digital 3-D sci-fi epic from Aca (more…)

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