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Tue Jun 30 4:00am
Money Talks VH1

A TV reporter (Charlie Sheen) befriends a loudmouthed hustler (Chris Tucker) who's wrongly accused of being involved in a prison break. Grace: Heather Locklear. Villard: Gerard Ismael. Guy: Paul Sorvino. Brett Ratner directed.

Wed Jul 1 10:00am
Nora Roberts' Angels Fall LMN

After a stay in a mental hospital, a woman with PTSD is re-traumatized upon witnessing a murder, but no one believes her.

Wed Jul 1 11:00am
DynastySamanthaNew(Season 3, Episode 12) POP

Sammy Jo arrives at the mansion with news for Blake; Alexis insists on a memorial service for Steven, while Blake refuses to believe his son is dead. Heather Locklear, Joan Collins, John Forsythe.

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