Question: I was wondering how you liked the season premiere of Desperate Housewives. I thought the episode was an improvement over most of Season 2. It was nice seeing the four ladies interacting with each other after being separated for much of last season. As always, Bree's story line was excellent, especially now that creepy Orson is in the mix. The scene where Bree realized she had her first orgasm was pure comedy! I also got a kick seeing spoiled Gabrielle being bossed around by her pregnant, demanding maid, Xiao-Mei. On another positive note, for the first time in ages, Susan was likable in her story line with a comatose Mike, especially in the poignant scene where she asks for Mike's permission to date Ian. I'm glad the writers finally gave the able Teri Hatcher a good plot to work with. The only story I didn't care for was Lynette's. In the process of dealing with her husband's acerbic mistress, she came across as whiny and self-absorbed. Altogether, though, I thought the season-opener was a clear indication that Desperate Housewives is coming out of its sophomore-season funk. I just hope it continues. What did you think?
Answer: We're pretty much on the same page, and I made many of the same points in a Dispatch earlier this week. My only problem with the Bree-Orson subplot is that it's so close in nature to her former fixation with a psycho (pharmacist George). Still, I thought the episode prologue was wonderfully sinister, and Laurie Metcalf as Orson's accuser/neighbor was distinctive enough not to bring up too many memories of poor Mrs. Huber. And Bree's orgasm anxiety was classic Housewives. I'm a little weary of the Gabrielle/Xiao-Mei battle, but I figure that will be over soon. I fear we won't be so lucky with the Lynette-vs-Nora story line. (I just saw a plot synopsis for the Oct. 8 episode, and it threatens that "Nora continues to force her way into Lynette and Tom's life," which is almost incentive enough to send me over to Cold Case that night.) I don't think the problem with this subplot is Lynette, it's Nora, who is written and played terribly. Get rid of her. Otherwise, I agree. There's plenty of reason to be optimistic about Housewives' new season. Looking at the ratings, it's clear that the fan base is happy to have it back.