Question: My wife and I are both fans of Bon Jovi and the Bee Gees, so we were really disappointed by the lousy versions of the songs that the band played for the contestants on American Idol. Is there any way they could hire a decent house band? Have there been any complaints from the contestants about how bad the band is? Week in and week out, we constantly complain. We very much enjoyed both seasons of Rock Star and are really big fans of that show's house band. The AI band can't seem to keep up with any of the contestants. Even Sanjaya was better than the band behind him!
Answer: It probably wouldn't be politic for the Idol contestants to complain openly about the musicians they work with every week, but this season, it seems at least a few contestants (especially Blake) have become more proactive in working out their own arrangements. (You can't really blame the band for how badly Blake mangled those poorly chosen Bee Gees songs.) To me, the whole package is in keeping with the most mainstream and mass-appeal show on TV. This isn't Rock Star. It wouldn't be as popular as it is if it were aiming for that vibe. You might as well complain about the cheesy music they're flouncing around to on Dancing with the Stars.