Question: I went to the Watercooler last week to see what wonderful things your fellow critics had to say about Martin Landau's performance (and Anthony LaPaglia's as well) on the Dec. 8 episode of Without a Trace, and nothing! So maybe you will feel like discussing it with me. I sent this to the Watercooler team, perhaps you'd like to discuss it instead: "Did any of you catch Martin Landau's exemplary performance on Without a Trace? Anthony LaPaglia's showing was also on a par. Watching Jack sitting with his father just after his sudden death, trying to hold back the grief, and only after it was too late, telling him 'I love you,' was one of the most moving moments on any show this season." So, Matt, do you think these performances warrant an Emmy or Golden Globe as I do?
Answer: Well, it's already clear that LaPaglia, a former Globes winner for Trace, didn't make the cut this year. Given the fact that The Sopranos will be back this season, he's probably a long shot for Emmy consideration this year as well. That category is going to be so very crowded; props, though, to the Globes for leaving James Spader and William Shatner of Boston Legal out of the running. Enough already. As for that tragic Trace episode: Couldn't agree with you more. It was very moving, especially because it was so understated and, in many ways, inevitable. Poor Jack.

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