This week, two of my favorite reality shows signed off with satisfying (if, in one case, anticlimactic) season finales. On Bravo's thoroughly addictive Project Runway, Chloe Dao won on the strength of her glamorous, vivid collection, which to my eyes did outshine both Daniel Vosovic's and Santino Rice's. But in the bigger picture, I still feel Daniel won the season, so I was a bit deflated when it was all over.

Daniel dominated many of the challenges, and even his relatively tame collection was lovely to behold. And unlike businesslike Chloe, Daniel's passion for his craft was evident throughout the season. (The less said the better about Santino, who did manage to create a couple of stunners in his collection. But he's had his time hogging the spotlight, and I'm more than happy to move on.)

And then there's WB's adorable Beauty and the Geek, which ended Thursday with the triumph of the geekiest: Josh, who had found new confidence beneath his Woody Allen-ish exterior, thanks in part to his glamorous (if calculating) partner, Cher. This show really is an unexpected guilty pleasure, with the game only incidental to the heartwarming delight of watching the geeks come out of their shells and the beauties learn to look beyond the surface. As they cheer each other on from round to round, there's hardly a sweeter show on TV.

Finally, we now have our American Idol Top 12, and here are my first impressions, in ascending order of my own preferences (going girl-boy, girl-boy):

Melissa: Who? Lucky to still be in the running.

Kevin: A joke. American Idol gets what it deserves, letting cutesy-nerdy no-talents into the mix and then watching them earn undeserved votes, either from grannies or kiddies who think he's cute, or by perverse fans who think it's hilarious when the show is saddled with a contestant who has no business being in the final round. (Think Scott Savol.)

Paris: This girl's a little too cocky. The judges were far too kind toward her atrocious Gloria Estefan cover. What at first seemed adorable has now become grating.

Bucky: A C-grade Bo Bice. Just not up to snuff.

Kellie: Now this one's truly adorable. If Carrie Underwood had a fraction of Kellie's ebullient personality, we might still care about her. Too bad Kellie just doesn't have Carrie's pipes. As sweet as she is, and as much as the judges like her, I figure she'll hit the wall musically on one of these theme nights, possibly sooner than later.

Elliott: Fine singer, nice guy, but lacks the charisma of an Idol.

Katharine: She's terrific and may well go all the way. But from week to week, I tend to forget about her.

Taylor: A wonderful eccentric with great passion and drive, but is he a one-trick pony?

Lisa: A real pro, the perfect ingenue. I expect and hope she'll rock the house soon and realize her potential.

Ace: Constantine minus the cheese. He has the looks and the voice, and has to be considered an early favorite.

Mandisa: Super fabulous. This may not be American Disco Diva Idol, but she has the power to make it farther than any other unconventionally sized Idol woman we've ever seen.

Chris: Conceivably the first American Idol rock star. A natural who has yet to hit a false note, with a great personal backstory to boot.

Let the games, and songs, begin.