Question: I was surprised to see no mention in your dream Emmy ballot for The Tudors' Maria Doyle Kennedy. Maybe she isn't eligible until next year, but this woman has knocked me out on a show that's full of eye-popping men and settings. She is the main reason to watch the series, as her portrayal of Catherine of Aragon is so heart-wrenching and understatedly beautiful. I don't know where she came from, but she has certainly made an impression. I'm talking like Edie Falco-level acting. She does more in a minute-long scene with three words of dialogue than I have seen anyone else achieve. She is so graceful, regal, radiant and strong, especially compared with the bland Natalie Dormer as Anne Boleyn. I know we are supposed to be bewitched by Anne, but Catherine is the one who leaps off the screen. Yet I have seen next to nothing written on her, or the show in general. Is it because of all the upfronts and finales? If so, please catch up on this show, if only to watch for her, and let others know how great she is. On a related note, do you think this show will be able to bust into the awards for Showtime?
Answer: I have fallen behind on The Tudors the last few weeks for a number of reasons (I saw the first six episodes before the show premiered), but I agree that this is an unusually rich portrayal of a character who usually gets slighted in this sort of historical docudrama. Unfortunately, I'd bet that both she and this series aren't high on the Emmy radar, not that Showtime will be shy about pushing it. (After all, look how well HBO's Elizabeth I scored last year in the movie/miniseries categories.) If Showtime's got any shot at the Emmy nominations, I'm thinking it will be for Weeds and, despite its beyond-dark subject matter, Dexter, which have been the networks' primary buzz breakthroughs. That isn't to say The Tudors is unworthy. It's just unlikely.