Question: Have you seen Tracey Ullman's new series on Showtime yet? I think it's smart and hilarious, and as much as I love her old characters, I 'm glad that she created some new ones. Her celebrity impersonations killed me, especially Arianna Huffington and Campbell Brown. I can't believe HBO let her go. Oh, wait, I can!
Answer: I reviewed it recently, and while I'm also a longtime Tracey Ullman fan, I'm not sure State of the Union represents her best work. Not so much her performance, which as always is amazing in its range, but in its scattershot choice of targets, especially a weekly sketch about Laurie David (who cares?). Many of the reviews tended to be more generous than mine, so maybe my expectations were too high. And there's much about the new series I like: the Bollywood numbers, her Buffalo news anchor character, the Renee Zellweger squint. But this is one of those shows where I felt it was giving me both too much and not enough.