Question: Why did Without a Trace change the night of its series finale to Thursday? I know it's going back to Thursday next season, but in the shuffle, I somehow managed to miss it. I don't know if the guide I have on my television mislabeled it or what, but I couldn't seem to find it anywhere, and then the week I thought it was going to be on, repeats were starting. I'm frustrated by the way networks shift things around so that it's almost impossible to find them. (Bones is a prime example.) Since we don't have many reruns in the summer anymore — which can be both good and bad — I'm just hoping that CBS will replay this season's finale the week before the new season opens, so I can finally see it. One more thing: Any chance that a network like USA would pick up Raines? I actually liked the show, and it seems like it would fit better with shows like Monk, Psych and The Dead Zone. I try to stay positive when something I like is canceled, though: That gives me more time for activities other than watching television. So I suppose the networks are doing me a favor. Keep up the great columns.
Answer: I absolutely expect CBS to repeat the Without a Trace finale the week before the season-opener in September, especially given that it ended on a "to be continued" twist, and also because CBS must know it confused some viewers when it aired the episode on a Thursday instead of a Sunday, nearly two weeks before the end of the regular season. (The airdate was widely promoted, but no one should have to study a TV schedule to figure these things out.) CBS was doing a fair amount of sweeps stunting on Sundays in May, which is why Trace got bounced to Thursdays a week before the surprise announcement that it was moving back to that night in the fall (so I wouldn't say that strategy had much to do with it). All in all, not the best call. As for Raines: I've made the same observation that it would have worked better on USA Network than on NBC. (And it was produced by Universal, which is part of the same corporate family as both networks.) Maybe it was a budget thing, or maybe Jeff Goldblum only wanted to work on NBC. I don't know. But I've heard nothing about the show being resurrected, so I wouldn't count on it.