Question: I know you may be sick of writing about Tin Man, since you really didn't care for it anyway. But I finally just finished watching my stuff on TiVo and I was wondering if there was any plan for this to go from a miniseries to a series. I know that The Lost Room was supposed to and didn't. And that The Starter Wife wasn't intended to but did. Of course, the WGA strike may put a serious hold on things. But I heard that the ratings were really good for Sci Fi, and I know I loved it. However, I'm not really sure where it could go as a series. Your thoughts?
Answer: I'm with you that I can't see where Tin Man would go as a series. The miniseries felt pretty well contained to me. Unlike the much worse The Lost Room, this was successful enough that I wouldn't be surprised to learn of a miniseries sequel — I haven't heard anything, and I'm not asking — but I can't and don't want to imagine a series version. Sometimes it's better to be left wanting more. (Personally, I would have settled for less bloat, or perhaps more coherence, but that ship has sailed.)