Question: What do you think of NBC's adding a second night of Deal or No Deal? Do you think there is a chance they could overdo it and ruin a good thing, the way ABC did with Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
Answer: Not being of the camp that considers Deal as much of a "good thing," as I once did Millionaire, I'd like to say I hope so. But honestly, given NBC's rather dire fortunes, I'm actually surprised the network is being as cautious as it is with this show. From the start, NBC and the show's producers have carefully weighed how often to air Deal to avoid the overexposure that killed Millionaire on ABC. That's why you're seeing a rotating "game night" of game shows other than Deal on Fridays in the fall. NBC has had great success with Deal on Mondays, but on both nights it's scheduled in the fall, it will be facing strong reality competition (Dancing with the Stars on Mondays and America's Next Top Model on Wednesdays). What we're really seeing is NBC trying to make the most of an inexpensive asset without burning it out. It's a tricky situation.