Question: Why do you think Bravo's Situation: Comedy has apparently failed to find an audience so drastically that new episodes have been banished from a prime-time slot? Am I the only person out here who finds shows like this and Project: Greenlight vastly more entertaining than most of the other reality out there? This show isn't stellar by any means, but it's an interesting peek into the struggle for mediocrity inherent in the network system.
Answer: You may have answered your own question in that last sentence. Yes, Situation and Greenlight are more engrossing and interesting than the run-of-the-mill reality show, but the creative process exposed on these shows isn't exactly what the average reality buff seems to crave. Perhaps if they were less smart, they'd be more successful. But it also probably boils down to the fact that once the projects get picked, there's little suspense (as in the who-will-win? variety, although there is an end game for Situation: Comedy, I guess). And so these shows end up being more like a documentary — the horror! — than an actual "reality" show. How sad for that to be seen as a turnoff.