Drew Lachey and Cheryl Burke, Dancing with the Stars
Question: I think for ABC's next edition of Dancing with the Stars, they should have all-celebrity teams and have them coached by a professional dancer. It would be a lot more fun to have inexperienced celebrities who don't know each other teamed as partners to see how well they perform. And if ABC doesn't ditch all the fluff in this show (C'mon, two hours long? Please!) I won't watch it. (I basically TiVo it now and skip most of it anyways, but it's still a time killer.)
Answer: If ever a show was made for the DVR era, it's Dancing with the Stars. Those last few installments were painfully stretched out — you're not kidding. (Watching in real time was never an option.) But I can't agree with your proposal to "fix" what ain't broken. Part of the appeal of Dancing with the Stars (and to a much lesser degree, Skating with Celebrities) is in watching these quasi-famous folks learn the moves by dancing alongside pros, who can challenge them to raise their game, which in the best instances they do. (Where would Drew have been without Cheryl as a partner?) Matching up two amateurs, even with a professional coach, would likely result in a much less thrilling exhibition. Now if only we could get network execs and reality producers to curb the bloat of these shows once they become successful.