Question: What do you think about the promos NBC is using for The Office? To me they do not show what that series is about at all! The ads make it look like it's just a love story, which it is not. They don't show one bit of humor, and worse yet, they show only two characters, Jim and Pam, and in one ad they also called them the stars, which is either false advertising or they have changed the format of the show. Isn't NBC afraid that they are going to alienate a lot of potential viewers with this kind of advertising? Those who tune in because they like the appeal of the love story will be disappointed. Those who would be interested in The Office as it was (and hopefully still is) wouldn't tune in at all if they had only these ads to go by — I know I wouldn't have. What is NBC thinking? Are they trying to get rid of The Office when it's just getting started?
Answer: Judging a show by its promos is always dangerous, and I'll admit I haven't been paying attention to many of the fall campaigns (DVRs tend to keep you at a distance from commercials). But from this question, I'm assuming the emphasis in the Office promos is on the Jim and Pam relationship, and, given how the season ended, that's hardly a surprise to me. They are by no means the only assets of what is essentially an ensemble comedy, but they are key assets, and the way the season left their relationship, it's a hugely promotable story line, something you can't always say about this offbeat series. If they were selling the show on the shoulders of Dwight, that would be another (horrible) matter. But Jim and Pam? I'm cool with that. While my understanding is that as the new season begins we will be let in on the status of their relationship right away, I don't imagine The Office is going to become "The Jim and Pam Show." If that means the promos are misleading, what's new about that? Especially on NBC. At least it's a very solid hook. It's not like different promos are suddenly going to catapult The Office into a Friends-caliber megahit.