Question: What do you think of the major changes WB has made to its schedule? Moving Related to the post-7th Heaven slot makes sense, but what are they thinking when they show reruns after One Tree Hill? It seems like that would make a bad situation worse. I'm also confused by the changes on Fridays. I understand trying to find an audience for Twins by moving it after Reba, but why chuck Living with Fran and show a repeat of What I Like About You? As much as I enjoy What I Like About You, it is the network's lowest-rated comedy, and I don't see how showing it twice would help anything at all. Please help me make sense of all of this.
Answer: Thanks for reminding me that What I Like About You is still on the air. Who knew? And when it comes to WB's double-runs, you left out Supernatural repeats airing after Charmed on Sundays (replacing Blue Collar TV). The reason for most of these changes is simply a matter of cutting their losses until it's time for another try come mid-season. When a small network is facing juggernauts like Lost and Desperate Housewives, it probably makes as much sense to counterprogram with repeats than waste expensive originals. As for the disappearance of Fran, I have to assume WB knew it had a stinker on its hands, and double-running an established (if that's the word) comedy like Like is better than keeping a painful flop like Fran on the air. But that's just speculation. Reba is the only WB comedy I can even halfway bear.