Question: Can you tell me what A&E is turning into? Rollergirls? I just don't get it. I have enough problems trying to understand the programming on Spike. By the way, it would be nice if some of these cable networks would show some older movies. The constant repeats of the few movies they do show is getting old and tiresome, and these networks ought to have enough movies in their film libraries without having to air repeats so often. Also, welcome back.
Answer: It's good to be back, even if that means confronting depressing topics like the decline of A&E. The network will crow about the younger demographics it now attracts since it has shifted focus from a broad-based arts-and-entertainment network to a bottom-feeding swill factory that perpetrated one of the worst shows of the decade in Growing Up Gotti (which, thankfully, is history). If it weren't for the fact that MI-5 is still in the wings, waiting to return in summer (last I heard), plus the occasional Biography special or made-for-TV movie, there'd be no reason for me ever to acknowledge this network's existence again. I mean, Dog the Bounty Hunter? Dallas SWAT? No thanks. Less than no interest.