Question: I so enjoy your insights! There are several shows I have tried, and fallen in love with, because you brought them to my attention (Wonderfalls, Pushing Daisies and The Wire come to mind). From time to time you, receive letters about the death of family sitcoms, the type that used to populate network airwaves, the ones entire families could enjoy together. Today, the Disney Channel has revived them big time. I cannot think of a network sitcom my kids even know, but they live for The Suite Life of Zack & Cody Cory in the House and, of course, Hannah Montana. I was wondering if these shows are eligible for Emmy consideration. Some of the supporting players are reminiscent of the physical and verbal talent of the great second bananas of shows from previous eras. Could Brenda Song or Phill Lewis (from Zack & Cody), for instance, be considered? Thanks again for your support of good TV for people of all tastes and ages!
Answer: Well, thanks for all those nice words. I guess the proper answer to this question is that while these actors are certainly eligible for Emmy consideration, the fact that they perform on shows that are generally thought of as "children's TV" make them a real long shot. Even when the networks aired these types of sitcoms (think ABC's "TGIF" heyday), they were often taken for granted and passed over in favor of more "sophisticated" comedies geared more for the grownups. That's certainly the case now, when Emmy's taste in comedy is almost exclusively for the more hip, single-camera style comedy you see on NBC and pay cable. Simple clowning doesn't get much respect these days.