Question: When a semi-quality show like Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip gets canceled by NBC, what are the chances of a smaller network like the CW picking it up? Is it a cost issue, a contract issue or something else that keeps it from happening? After all, Studio 60 likely has a bigger fan base than any of the shows the CW is currently airing. I recall the WB picked up Grounded for Life after Fox dropped it a few years back.
Answer: First off, thanks for giving me a laugh with your description of Studio 60 as "semi-quality." How true. Second, there are any number of reasons why no network, and particularly not the CW, would resurrect this show. It is too expensive, true, but there's also no way Studio 60, with its cast of adults (though many acted like children), fits the CW brand. No one's going to pony up to try to keep alive a show that costs this much money. It's a lot different with a sitcom, and (if memory serves) when Grounded for Life moved from Fox to the WB, it took a budget cut along the way. At this time of year, it's always helpful to remind people (including those Jericho fans I'll be addressing further down): 99 percent of the time, when a show is canceled, it's dead. No one's going to pick it up, network or cable.