Question: I was just writing to see if another person on God’s earth watched Secret Talents of the Stars. I wonder what the future of reality TV could possibly hold. When we get to the point where George Takei singing “On the Road Again” without any talent, tone or realization of the atrocity he has committed, can we really have any faith in reality TV? As we heard last week on 30 Rock, reality TV seems to be loved by NASCAR Dads, soccer moms and the obese. Watching 30 Rock last week, I wasn't laughing, I was crying at a scary thought: We aren't that far from this. The only show filmed in front of an audience I can stand is Real Time With Bill Maher. I may be disconnected from Middle America, but can we truly be a nation where American Idol is the highest-rated show in the country? These shows will keep being paraded in front of us because they are cheap to make, and we watch. I DVRed Secret Talents because I wanted to see George Takei, and boy was I disappointed. But besides that, I can’t stand most TV.  Besides for the little glitters of hope (BSG, 30 Rock, Dexter, King of the Hill, The Office, Scrubs, Lost, Heroes, Boston Legal and South Park), TV is slowly becoming a wasteland of scary depression. Hopefully with the news of Friday Night Lights going to a cable network and AMC joining FX and USA as a cable network offering quality original programming, we may see more people getting their shows there. But the masses are the ones that suffer. Thanks for reading my attack on TV.
Answer: Rant acknowledged. But honestly, there’s at least a glimmer of hope in the fact that Secret Talents of the Stars tanked so badly that CBS yanked it after just one episode, right? Of course, right.