Question: I'm wondering what you think of Saving Grace. I'm from Oklahoma, so I'm trying to figure out if my disappointment with the show comes from how it stereotypically portrays Oklahomans. There are the cowboy and Indian detectives. The angel chews tobacco. Part of the first episode took place at the stockyards, with the redneck millionaire cattleman hitting on Grace. The only character who doesn't seem like a walking stereotype is Grace herself, and she just seems off. A detective in Oklahoma driving a Porsche, even a beat-up one? On what planet? How much do they think detectives earn? And she's Catholic? Not that there aren't Catholics in Oklahoma, but there aren't that many, not like there are Baptists and Methodists. Why stereotype every character but one? Do you think future episodes are going to get any better? For me, the only thing this show accomplishes is to remind me how much I miss Joan of Arcadia. I'm still mad at CBS for that one.
Answer: I've seen the second episode, and that may be all I'll bother with (unless the numbers hold up and it becomes the kind of megahit I can't afford to ignore completely). In my review, I described it as "frantically offbeat" and "self-consciously edgy while flirting with cosmic schmaltz." I was riveted and entertained by Holly Hunter but found the premise puzzling and overdone — an R-rated FX-style Touched by an Angel? Doesn't really work for me. I can't comment on the Oklahoma stereotypes, except to say that they did make some pretty obvious choices. I found Grace to be awfully heavy-handed in most regards — lacking in, I guess you'd say, grace.