Question: In reviewing the series that are going off the air this year, you mention that a 7th Heaven spin-off is likely, which left me wondering, with whom? I've watched the show sporadically but can't imagine wanting to focus in on any of the characters except maybe Ruthie and Martin, who are the only ones who hold any interest for me. Both parents make me want to cringe, Lucy makes me mute the TV (although I like her husband), and Simon and Rose are awful. Who could carry a spin-off?
Answer: I'm not sure any of these characters can actually carry a show, and I'm not convinced they should. I just noted the fact that, as we have reported in the magazine and elsewhere, WB may not be willing to let the entire franchise slip away just because the 10-year-old mother ship is going away. If I had to guess, I'd bet a show could be spun around Lucy and her husband, since she's a minister and we could follow her (with frequent visits by family) to a new church. But Beverley Mitchell as a lead actress? Lord, have pity.

On a similar note, Shawn asks: "How do you feel about a spin-off following in the footsteps of the Charmed children?" Less than charmed, I'm sure, and I haven't even met these kids.