Question: Thanks for recommending a show that I probably would not have watched otherwise: Dexter. I know there has been some controversy about airing a "diluted" version on CBS, but as a TV fan who can't afford premium cable, I appreciate the chance to see the show. It's dark and disturbing, but sometimes quite funny and surprisingly touching. It's definitely not for everyone, but I'm hooked! At the opposite end of the spectrum, The Return of Jezebel James was awful! I tried to be fair and watch both episodes, but it was a chore. Parker Posey seemed to force every line, none of which were particularly funny or interesting. (She may be the indie film queen, but I was not impressed.) I didn't believe the premise for a moment. What happened here?? Is Amy Sherman-Palladino a one-hit wonder?
Answer: You're right about both shows, but don't jump the gun to write off someone just because their latest show didn't work. The failure rate in TV is formidable, and if a miserable flop show was enough to drum somebody out of the business, hardly anyone would be left standing. There's always next time. While it's true that you rarely find the stars aligning as magically as they did on Gilmore Girls — and magic was lacking in just about every aspect of Jezebel James — I'm hoping the Palladinos will get back in the saddle soon. As was suggested in an earlier column, maybe next time Amy and Dan should go back to the hour comedy-drama format, which might better showcase her distinctive style of writing. But one-hit wonder? Hardly fair.