Question: I remember reading in early 2006 that HBO asked directors Marcelo Slavich and Alberto Lecchi to produce a second season of the heart-stopping, brooding suspense series Epitafios. I think I also read that they agreed to do it. Now that it's 2007, I searched the HBO and HBO Latino sites, as well as Epitafios' English-language site, and there's no news about any more seasons of Renzo Marquez's story. I know they'd have to come up with another equally compelling killer (or killers), but I found the title character unique and intriguing enough to see more. I hope that isn't just because I watched the entire series over two weeks on HBO On Demand in October. I know it originally aired in Argentina in 2004, so I'd think there'd be some news by now. I'd really appreciate it if you could find out anything for me. That series was one of the best and scariest experiences I've had with my TV set in quite some time.
Answer: Good news: According to a recent story in Variety about various HBO Latin America Group projects, an executive is quoted as saying that a second season of Epitafios will begin shooting in the spring. Let's hope that's true, because I can't wait. Epitafios may be one of the most terrifying limited-run series I've ever seen, on par with The Silence of the Lambs and at times even more gruesome and unrelenting. It's on DVD for those with nerve enough to check it out. It's something to do while we wait for Dexter to come out on DVD.