Question: In reference to your comments regarding Grey's Anatomy's diversity and that a real breakthrough will be made when a lead in an ensemble is allowed to be a minority — sadly, I think it happened already but nobody noticed! When I think of Homicide: Life on the Street, I think of Andre Braugher and Kyle Secor, but especially Andre. When he left the show, it swiftly went downhill. I was excited when he got his own show — seemed like a breakthrough really had been made, but the network pushed his show around from night to night and from time to time before finally canceling it. I was not impressed enough by Hack to watch him play second fiddle. I hope that his upcoming show will, again, prove his talent and ability to carry a series as a minority and as a top-rate actor.
Answer: I'm with you. Andre Braugher is a huge talent, and maybe a network like FX (where his new drama Thief will premiere early next year) will finally give him a proper showcase. The medical drama he starred in that you referred to was Gideon's Crossing, which aired on ABC in 2000-2001. It was, if I recall, a much more somber series than Grey's Anatomy, but not a bad show by any means. As for Homicide, he was certainly celebrated during the run of that show. Pembleton and Bayliss were one of the great detective teams in TV history.