Question: You recently mentioned that the middling ratings for Bravo's Situation: Comedy prompted its move to Fridays. But honestly, does it really matter when Bravo airs new episodes? If I don't catch it on Friday, I know I can catch it Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. And if I miss a week or two or three, I can catch the repeats that air before the new ep. Or I could wait for the whole thing to be over and catch the entire series marathon that Bravo will surely repeat for at least three weeks. Part of what makes watching Survivor or Amazing Race such an "event" is that it's aired exclusively on one day and at one time. And if you miss it, it sucks to be you! Do you think that Bravo could improve ratings by having fewer repeats?
Answer: Ha! So true. Except if you're low on the Bravo totem pole, like Situation: Comedy, you're not nearly as overexposed. If you don't watch this one on Fridays, that "sucks to be you" refrain (nice shout-out to my beloved Avenue Q) applies. One of the great things about cable that I wish network TV would embrace more fully is the multiple showings of episodes. But channels like Bravo (and MTV among others) do tend to take things to extremes. When I look at a night's lineup and see nothing but a string of Being Bobby Brown episodes, with no way to tell which episode is which (even if you watch), it makes me want to scream through my yawns.

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