Question: What kind of chance do you think the CW's Reaper has to survive? I really loved the pilot. It was clever and witty, and I found myself laughing out loud more than a few times. And I adore Ray Wise. Kudos to the casting director on that one. Last time I saw him, he was an expensive attorney helping Brenda out on The Closer. He was wickedly charming in that role, too. I'm just thinking about my beloved Veronica Mars, which was also clever and witty, with awesome casting, but sadly could not grab enough viewers. I hope the same doesn't happen to Reaper.
Answer: As I suggested in the earlier answer to the Gossip Girl question, I'm reasonably confident the CW will give Reaper and the other promising newbies a fair chance to catch on. The network rarely gets reviews as positive as those for Reaper. And while I felt the second episode was a lot more sluggish, there was still enough fun in the premise and in the characters (especially Tyler Labine's Sock and Ray Wise's devil, wondering when Ellen was on — loved that!) to keep me coming back, at least for now. It's no Buffy, and for that matter no Chuck (at least not yet), but I'm on board.