Question: I read that Without a Trace is adding a new female agent, to be played by Roselyn Sanchez, to the cast to fill in for the "crisis-plagued" team. My concern is why would the producers mess with one of the best ensembles on television? As it is, the five characters don't get enough airtime (especially Danny) because they deal with a case each week. Why would CBS make changes to a show that is more successful than it has ever been? It doesn't make sense. Casting sexy new "stunt" characters is usually for shows that are in trouble.
Answer: This year many of CBS' procedurals are adding new cast members, including a new female detective on the Cold Case team, and the way the producers have explained it to me is that it gives them more, not fewer, opportunities for stories and for ensemble interaction. I've seen a lot of mail from Trace fans in particular who get frustrated that the characters don't get more opportunity for juicy stories. That, in part, is why Marianne Jean-Baptiste's character underwent her health trauma last season. But I'll hold off on opining about the new cast changes until I actually see the results.